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Supplier Search For Subscription Boxes

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Use this prompt to efficiently find new, high-quality suppliers for your subscription box service. Tailored to your specific product needs and location, this prompt helps identify suppliers that meet your unique standards and requirements. Gain detailed insights on potential partners, including their unique selling points, product offerings, and sustainability practices. Enhance your subscription box offerings with reliable, specialized suppliers and maintain a fresh and engaging product lineup.
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Example input
[Product Type]: Rare Teas [Subscription Box Name]: Global Tea Explorers [Product Description]: Rare and organic teas offering a luxurious experience for tea enthusiasts. [Specific Requirements]: Eco-friendly, fast shipping [Company Location]: United States
Example output
Here are some potential new suppliers for the "Global Tea Explorers" subscription box that meet the specified requirements for rare, organic teas with eco-friendly practices and fast shipping: ### 1. Arbor Teas - **Location:** Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA - **Contact Information:** - **Email:** - **Phone:** 734-994-7698 - **Website:** [Arbor Teas]( - **Unique Selling Points:** - 100% organic and fair trade certified. - Uses backyard compostable packaging. - Extensive selection of rare and high-quality teas. - **Sample Products:** - Organic Decaf Jasmine Green Tea - Organic Sheng Pu Erh Tea - Organic Dragonwell Lung Ching Green Tea - **Minimum Order Quantities:** Varies by product; typically small minimums for wholesale. - **Pricing Information:** Available upon request; competitive pricing. - **Shipping Details:** Fast shipping within the USA, international shipping available. - **Previous Clientele:** Various tea shops, cafes, and eco-conscious retailers. - **Sustainability Practices:** Backyard compostable packaging, organic farming, fair trade certification. ### 2. Teatulia - **Location:** Denver, Colorado, USA - **Contact Information:** - **Email:** - **Phone:** 303-433-2980 - **Website:** [Teatulia]( - **Unique Selling Points:** - 91% compostable and recyclable packaging, aiming for 100% in 2024. - Award-winning taste with a strong emphasis on sustainability. - Directly sourced from their own tea garden in Bangladesh. - **Sample Products:** - Black Tea Pyramid Bags - White Tea Pyramid Bags - Green Tea Pyramid Bags - **Minimum Order Quantities:** Available upon inquiry; flexible options for bulk and retail. - **Pricing Information:** Available upon request; premium pricing reflects quality. - **Shipping Details:** Fast domestic shipping, international shipping available. - **Previous Clientele:** Restaurants, cafes, and specialty retailers. - **Sustainability Practices:** Organic farming, B Corp certified, Rainforest Alliance certified, Fair Trade certified. ### 3. The Tea Spot - **Location:** Boulder, Colorado, USA - **Contact Information:** - **Email:** - **Phone:** 303-444-8324 - **Website:** [The Tea Spot]( - **Unique Selling Points:** - Offers a wide range of 100% organic certified single-estate teas. - Known for innovative Steepware® and wellness-focused tea blends. - Commitment to health and wellness with a portion of sales donated to cancer wellness programs. - **Sample Products:** - Organic Darjeeling Tea - Organic Assam Tea - Organic Matcha Tea - **Minimum Order Quantities:** Available upon request; wholesale options. - **Pricing Information:** Available upon request; competitive wholesale pricing. - **Shipping Details:** Fast domestic shipping, international shipping available. - **Previous Clientele:** Health food stores, wellness centers, and specialty tea shops. - **Sustainability Practices:** B Corp certified, eco-friendly packaging, supports cancer wellness programs. ### 4. Davidson’s Organics - **Location:** Sparks, Nevada, USA - **Contact Information:** - **Email:** - **Phone:** 1-800-882-5888 - **Website:** [Davidson's Organics]( - **Unique Selling Points:** - Extensive experience in the organic tea industry. - Offers a wide variety of packaging options, including minimal packaging for bulk orders. - Custom blending and ingredient sourcing available. - **Sample Products:** - Organic Assam Black Tea - Organic Rooibos Herbal Tea - Organic Earl Grey Tea - **Minimum Order Quantities:** Flexible, depending on the product. - **Pricing Information:** Available upon request; tailored to order size and customization. - **Shipping Details:** Fast domestic shipping, international shipping available. - **Previous Clientele:** Various food service providers, retail stores, and private label brands. - **Sustainability Practices:** Organic certification, fair trade practices, minimal packaging options. These suppliers offer high-quality, unique, and eco-friendly tea products that would be an excellent fit for the "Global Tea Explorers" subscription box.
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