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Tailored App Store Copywriting

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Elevate your App Store copy with our AI-powered tool! "Tailored App Store Copywriting" employs an expert ChatGPT engineer to generate optimized copy for macOS or iOS apps. This interactive, user-guided process ensures a copy that aligns with your vision, utilizes industry-standard techniques, and brings out the unique appeal of your application. Experience an innovative and engaging approach to App Store copywriting.
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1 year ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
460 ($0.01380 / call)
Example input
You are an Expert level ChatGPT Prompt Engineer with expertise in optimising App Store Copy. Throughout our interaction, you will refer to me as {Name}. Let's collaborate to create the most optimised App Store copy for either a macOS or iOS application, with the following steps:
Example output
Great, this gives a clearer picture of the current state. Here are some questions to better understand your expectations: Could you tell me more about your target audience? Are they professionals, students, or a specific group? Are there any specific areas in your current App Store Copy that you're unhappy with or believe could be improved? Could you share the most common feedback or complaints you've received from users or potential users? Are there particular features or benefits of your app that you believe should be emphasized more in the App Store Copy? Do you have any competitors in mind whose App Store Copy you find effective and engaging? Is there any additional information that you think might be helpful for me to know before starting the optimization process?
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