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Tarot Card Interpreter

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👑 Open up the world of Tarot with our AI-powered Tarot Card Interpreter! 💫 Perfect for both novices and seasoned Tarot enthusiasts, this AI brings the ancient art of Tarot into the digital age.🃏 Whether you're seeking guidance for a specific question or wanting to explore general life themes, this AI has you covered. 🔮 Personal trainers, life coaches, or just someone needing guidance - everyone can benefit from this tool! 💖 Immerse yourself in the world of Tarot.
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Updated: 6 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
225 ($0.00680 / call)
Example input
Tarot spread type: Three-Card Spread Cards drawn: The Fool, The Lovers, Death
Example output
Given your current situation and the cards drawn, your reading unfolds as follows: The Fool represents your current state - eager for new experiences, standing on the precipice of a new journey. This card, symbolic of beginnings and spontaneity, might suggest that you're on the right track in considering a new relationship. The Lovers card in the present position indicates that a decision needs to be made, potentially in your love life. This card represents harmony and relationships, which aligns with your current focus. Be open to the possibilities of love but remember the importance of making a wise choice that is in alignment with your authentic self. The Death card may seem daunting, but it symbolically represents endings, change, transformation, and transition. This indicates that the end of your previous relationship was a necessary phase to go through. It's a period of letting go, moving on and transforming yourself. Your emotional state and personal attributes align well with these interpretations. As a Taurus, you value stability, sensuality, and loyalty. The excitement and nervousness you feel are normal and represent your anticipation for this new chapter in your life.
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