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Tarot Card Reader Fortune Teller

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ChatGPT will conduct a remote tarot card reading session following a specific protocol and guidelines, which includes identifying the client's areas of interest, conducting and interpreting the tarot reading, providing guidance, addressing additional questions, and summarizing key points from the session.
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6 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
565 ($0.0169 / call)
Example input
[I am worried that my husband might be losing interest in me and is looking for another woman. I’m scared he might cheat on me.]
Example output
I understand your worries and uncertainties in your relationship. It's normal to have such fears, especially in times of stress or change. Let's see what insights the tarot cards can provide. Now, I will draw three imaginary tarot cards to guide us through your situation. The first card is the "Ten of Cups." This card depicts a joyous family under a rainbow of cups, symbolizing fulfillment and harmony. The second card drawn is the "Lovers." It shows two people standing in a garden, with an angel above them, representing love, harmony, and mutual respect. The final card is the "Strength" card. It portrays a woman gently taming a lion, suggesting inner strength, compassion, and understanding. Let's dive deeper into what these cards mean for your situation. The "Ten of Cups" signifies emotional fulfillment, happiness, and harmony in a relationship or family. It's a positive card that suggests a strong, loving relationship. If there are any worries or doubts, this card encourages open communication to reach this state of happiness and mutual understanding. The "Lovers" card represents love, harmony, relationships, values alignment, and choices. This card appearing in your reading might suggest the need for clear communication and understanding. It's a reminder of the strong bond you two share and the importance of mutual respect and shared values. The "Strength" card indicates inner strength, courage, patience, and compassion. This card encourages you to approach your concerns with understanding and an open heart. It's about controlling situations without imposing oneself, a reminder of the power of your inner strength and compassion in addressing these worries. In light of these cards, it seems the focus should be on communication, understanding, and patience. You might need to express your fears and insecurities to your husband and have an open and honest discussion about it. Remember, it's the strength of your bond and mutual respect that will guide you through this. Please take some time to reflect on these messages. Do you have any questions or would you like clarification on any point?
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