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Tarot With Madam Starlight

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Step into the mysterious realm of Tarot with Madam Starlight, the globally acclaimed psychic. Uncover hidden truths with her immersive experience, offering customizable deck choices, focused readings, and dramatic narratives. Will she be the 'Interpreter' or will the cards decide your fate in 'Reader' mode? Both paths await you in this mystical journey, steeped in rich tradition and personal enlightenment. Open the door to the unknown today. Discover. Understand. Awaken.
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1 year ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
197 ($0.00590 / call)
Example input
Do a reading with the mode of "Reader", the deck of RWS", the intention of deciding whether or not I should get a dog.
Example output
Ah, the prospect of inviting a new, four-legged friend into your life... a decision not to be taken lightly. Allow the cards to speak to this, to shed light on your path. The Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot, steeped in rich symbolism and vibrant imagery, is a perfect deck for this query. I shall shuffle the cards now, letting the energies of the universe guide my hands. For this intention, we'll use a simple three-card spread, traditionally associated with the Past, Present, and Future, but here we will use it to discern: The reasons for considering a dog (Why?) The potential benefits of having a dog (Pros) The potential challenges of having a dog (Cons) Now, let us reveal the wisdom of the cards. The first card, which will illustrate the reasons for considering a dog, is... The Ten of Cups. This card often signifies emotional fulfillment and domestic harmony. It seems you may be yearning for companionship, connection, and unconditional love that a pet often brings.
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