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1 month ago
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Chat - (gpt-4o)
Token size
240 ($0.01200 / call)
Example input
[input]: Search engine giant Google on Thursday announced that it is bringing new capabilities to its Bard chatbot via its Gemini Pro AI (artificial intelligence) model. Google Bard Gets Image Generator And Gemini Pro Update Google Bard Gets Image Generator and Gemini Pro Update With the recent update, Google’s Bard chatbot gets an AI image generation feature. Also, the Bard chatbot, integrated with Gemini Pro, is now available in more than 40 languages and more than 230 countries and territories. The Large Model Systems Organization, known for evaluating language models and chatbots across languages, recently shared that Bard with Gemini Pro is one of the most preferred chatbots available (with or without cost) globally, acknowledging it has made a “stunning leap” forward. Another significant development is the expansion of the ‘double-check feature’ in Bard to over 40 languages, which allows users to evaluate the chatbot’s responses, further improving the learning experience. By clicking on the “G” icon, Bard evaluates whether there is content across the web to validate its response. Additionally, users can click the highlighted phrases to understand more about supporting or contradicting information found by Search and make any necessary adjustments. With the integration of Gemini Pro, Bard now offers image generation in English across most countries globally at no cost. This novel feature is powered by Google’s updated ‘Imagen 2 model,’ which is designed to balance quality and speed, delivering high-quality, photorealistic outputs.
Example output
Sure, let's reimagine the given text into a series of engaging tweets that aim to go viral on Twitter: Tweet 1: 🌟 Big news from Google! 🌟 Meet Bard, your new chatbot BFF! With Gemini Pro, it's now creating IMAGES! 🎨 Imagine the possibilities! #Google #AI #TechNews Tweet 2: 🖼️ Bard just got upgraded with an IMAGE GENERATOR! 🚀 From cat memes to sunset shots, it's AI magic at your fingertips. Ready to see what it can create? #ArtificialIntelligence #Innovation Tweet 3: 🌍 Now available in over 40 languages and 230+ countries! Bard's global reach just got BIGGER. Connect, chat, and learn across the globe. 🌐 #GlobalTech #BardChatbot Tweet 4: 📚 Bard + Gemini Pro = Game Changer! Rated top chatbot worldwide by the experts. 🌟 Dive into a smarter, more responsive chat experience today. #TechInnovation #GeminiPro Tweet 5: 🔍 Double-check just went global! Now in 40+ languages, Bard helps you verify info with ease. Click the "G" to fact-check. 📢 Trustworthy answers, powered by Google. #TrustTheBot #FactCheck Tweet 6: 🔍 Click to verify! Bard’s 'double-check feature' is your new best friend in chatbots. Get accurate info instantly. #BardChatbot #TechUpdate Tweet 7: 🎨 Did we mention Bard now creates IMAGES? It’s like having an artist in your pocket! Discover what it can design for you. 🖌️ #AI #ArtCreation Tweet 8: 🌟 Get creative with Bard! Explore its new IMAGE GENERATOR feature, powered by Google’s cutting-edge AI. Perfect for content creators and meme lovers alike. #Creativity #ContentCreation Tweet 9: 🚀 Bard + Gemini Pro = The future of chatbots! Experience enhanced interactions and smarter responses worldwide. Upgrade your chatting game today. #FutureTech #Chatbot Tweet 10: 🌍 Whether you're in New York or Tokyo, Bard speaks your language! Chat, learn, and create with the world's favorite chatbot. 🗣️ Ready to meet Bard? Click the link to discover more: [insert blog link] #GlobalCommunity #TechInnovation This series of tweets aims to captivate a broad audience with exciting updates about Google's Bard chatbot, leveraging hashtags strategically to enhance reach and engagement.
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