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The Meaningful Impact Plan

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This prompt helps you assess how you spend your time and resources. By reducing or eliminating commitments that drain your motivation and capacity, you can focus on where you are strongest and most inspired. You will learn strategies for making mission-driven choices and maintaining durable priorities that serve your higher ambitions and vision over longer periods of time. Achieve true purpose and reach your potential through disciplined focus on the work and outcomes that matter most.
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Updated: 6 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
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Example input
My core priorities and values are: [Values]: Personal growth, lifelong learning, helping others develop and achieve their potential. My key strengths and talents are: [Talents]: Coaching/mentoring, strategic planning, systems thinking, motivating/inspiring. Commitments I want to reduce or eliminate include: [Reduce/Eliminate]: Administrivia, reactive work, meetings with little purpose. Mission-driven work I want to pursue includes: [Pursue]: Leadership development programs, coaching networks, community education on growth mindset.
Example output
It's clear you have a strong vision and purpose to guide more meaningful work. Here are suggestions for your impact plan: •Focus first on redirecting time from commitments that lack purpose or play to your strengths to mission-driven projects already identified. Even making small changes to allocate 2-3 hours more per week will add up significantly over a month or quarter. Learn to say "no" confidently when needed. •Determine specific 1 month, 3 month and 12 month goals for developing and implementing programs aligned with your priorities of personal growth, learning and helping others achieve their potential through mentorship or education. Break each goal into actionable milestones and steps required to maintain momentum and motivation. •Seek out networks or communities of individuals with shared values and ambitions to collaborate or volunteer your time/talents. Look for leadership roles and opportunities to motivate or mobilize others through the strengths and skills you aim to develop. Making a bigger impact often happens through collective effort and action. •Refine your plans and pursuits continuously based on outcomes and the meaningful change or value experienced by those you are able to influence or serve. Remain open to new possibilities and partnerships that emerge to expand your impact over time through experience and relationship. •Practice patience through the process. Building anything of consequence rarely happens quickly. Learn to value progress over speed or scarce measures of success. Your motivation and fulfillment come from consistency in purposeful action not praise or external reward. Maintain your "why" clearly in view. The work that matters most starts from within through renewed dedication to your strengths, values and vision. Keep focused on the impact and change you aspire to create by helping others progress in meaningful ways. Let that purpose fuel your efforts and guide mission-driven choices each day, however small. Over time, your influence and capacity for impact will grow through practice. You have everything already within to pursue work that contributes lasting value through commitment to your own continuous growth and serving the potential you see in those around you. Please let me know if you have any other questions! I fully support you in achieving greater motivation, fulfillment and life meaning through an impact plan focused first on developing yourself to better develop others. You've got this! Now go make a start and build momentum for the change you wish to see. The future is yours to shape and create. Onward!
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