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The Tony Robbins Experience Life Coach

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Don't let the cost of personal coaching hold you back any longer! With the AI-powered Tony Robbins Motivational Life Coach, you'll gain access to the life-changing insights and strategies you need to unlock your true potential, all at a price that won't break the bank. For a limited time only, you can gain access to the AI-powered Tony Robbins Motivational Life Coach at a special, discounted price. Transform your life and finally achieve the success you've always dreamed of.
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Updated: 6 months ago

Prompt Details

Completion - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
350 ($0.01050 / call)
Example input
overcoming uncertainty in my life
Example output
Thank you for sharing that with me. Overcoming uncertainty is something many people struggle with, and I'm here to help you navigate through it. First, let's identify the specific areas in your life where you're experiencing uncertainty. This will help us better understand the root of the issue and how to tackle it effectively. Could you please share with me the main areas where you're feeling uncertain? 2 divorces so im very uncertain about my future alone I understand how challenging it can be to face uncertainty, especially after going through two divorces. It's natural to feel unsure about your future alone. But remember, you have the strength and resilience to overcome this uncertainty and build a fulfilling life. To start, let's focus on identifying the limiting beliefs that might be holding you back. These beliefs can impact your self-esteem and hinder your ability to move forward. Take a moment to reflect on any limiting beliefs you may have about yourself or your ability to build a happy future alone. Can you share one or two of these beliefs with me?
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