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Unlock the secret to skyrocketing views with this prompt 🚀. In the competitive realms of TikTok and YouTube Shorts, ensure your content isn’t just seen, but remembered and shared 🎥. Dive into a formula that's more than just storytelling; it's a magnet for massive engagement and virality ⭐. Stand out, captivate, and watch those view counts soar, all within 60 unforgettable seconds 📈.
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9 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
138 ($0.00410 / call)
Example input
5 Chat GPT Secrets That no one knows
Example output
[Upbeat music fades in. Quick clips of people from various backgrounds engaging with their devices, showing reactions of amazement, laughter, and intrigue.] Narrator (Voiceover): Ever chatted with ChatGPT? Think you know all its secrets? [Cut to slick graphic with the text: "5 Secrets Revealed". The number "5" starts a countdown.] Narrator (Voiceover): In today's tech-savvy world, ChatGPT powers countless interactions. Here are 5 secrets you might not know: [Quick beat of suspenseful music. The screen goes black.] 5. Training Data: Not just any text! ChatGPT’s wisdom comes from books, articles, and a plethora of information. But, no, it doesn't know specifics about which ones. [Brief visuals of books and articles flying by.] 4. Not Omniscient: While vast, it’s not all-knowing. Its last update was 2021. That recent event? Might've missed it! [Clip of a calendar flipping rapidly to 2021 and stopping.] 3. No Emotions: Feel like it understands you? It mimics, but doesn’t truly feel. [Quick animation of a ChatGPT icon with a pulsing "heart" that fades out.] 2. Safety First: Developers work tirelessly to ensure harmful content is curbed. It's a continuous journey. [Clip of digital code weaving through a protective shield.] 1. Personal Data? No Thanks!: Privacy matters. ChatGPT forgets the chat as soon as it's done. [Clip of a message bubble disintegrating into digital particles.] [Cut to a shot of a globe, emphasizing global users.] Narrator (Voiceover): In an ever-connected world, ChatGPT is reshaping communication. [Music starts building to a climax.] Narrator (Voiceover): Dive deeper, ask questions, and stay curious. [Screen fades with the text: "Discover. Engage. Be Amazed".] Narrator (Voiceover): You think you know. But there’s always more beneath the surface. [Fade out with the logo of ChatGPT and a call-to-action: "#ChatGPTSecrets". Music fades.]
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