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This prompt is designed for TikTok content creators. In the first step, this tool will generate ideal video topic ideas tailored to your TikTok channel's niche. Simply input your channel's general theme, the target audience's age, and the preferred format type (e.g., explainer, skit). In the second step, the tool will create a comprehensive script for your video production, based on the previously developed topic ideas. This script will cover the creative aspects of audio, action, and text.
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1 year ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
271 ($0.00810 / call)
Example input
[topics]: travel, cooking, ... [age]: 18-26 years [format type]: explainer, skit
Example output
Output 1: 1) Top 10 hidden gems in Europe: Share lesser-known but stunning destinations across Europe that are perfect for young travelers looking for unique experiences. 2) Budget travel hacks: Offer clever tips and tricks for saving money while traveling, from finding affordable accommodations to eating on a budget without sacrificing quality. 3) Solo travel adventures: Share inspiring stories of solo travelers and discuss the benefits of exploring the world on your own. 4) Hostel life: Give an inside look at the fun and social aspects of staying in hostels, including meeting other travelers and participating in hostel events. 5) Exploring cities on foot: Highlight the best walking routes in popular European cities, showcasing beautiful architecture, street art, and local cafes. 6) Local cuisine challenges: Have the host try out various traditional dishes from different European countries, rating them and describing their unique flavors. 7) Festival frenzy: Showcase the most exciting music, art, and cultural festivals across Europe that young travelers can attend for an unforgettable experience. 8) Sustainable travel tips: Discuss eco-friendly practices and responsible tourism that young travelers can adopt to minimize their environmental impact while exploring new destinations. 9) Travel-themed games and challenges: Have the host participate in travel-related games or challenges, such as a language-learning competition or a scavenger hunt in a new city. 10) City vs. nature: Compare and contrast the benefits of exploring bustling European cities versus escaping to the beautiful countryside, showcasing the diverse experiences young travelers can enjoy. Output 2: Title: "Top 10 Hidden Gems in Europe!" CUT 1 Audio: "Hey, everyone! Today, we're exploring the top 10 hidden gems in Europe you need to visit ASAP!" Action line: The host excitedly waves at the camera while standing in front of a map of Europe. On-screen text: "Top 10 Hidden Gems in Europe! 🌍✨" CUT 2 Audio: "First up, we have Kotor, Montenegro. This stunning coastal town is an Instagrammer's dream!" Action line: The host pretends to take photos with a camera, acting as if they're in awe of the scenery. On-screen text: "1. Kotor, Montenegro 🇲🇪" CUT 3 Audio: "Next is Český Krumlov, Czech Republic. This fairy tale town will transport you back in time!" Action line: The host pretends to be a medieval knight, acting out a fun sword fight scene. On-screen text: "2. Český Krumlov, Czech Republic 🇨🇿" CUT 4 Audio: "Number three is Ghent, Belgium. Delicious waffles and a picturesque canal? Yes, please!" Action line: The host pretends to eat a waffle while admiring an imaginary canal view. On-screen text: "3. Ghent, Belgium 🇧🇪" CUT 5 Audio: "Fourth is Sibiu, Romania. Get lost in its colorful streets and discover rich history!" Action line: The host puts on sunglasses and pretends to explore a city, pointing out interesting sights. On-screen text: "4. Sibiu, Romania 🇷🇴" CUT 6 Audio: "Number five is San Sebastián, Spain. Gorgeous beaches and mouthwatering pintxos await!" Action line: The host mimics swimming and then pretends to snack on tasty tapas. On-screen text: "5. San Sebastián, Spain 🇪🇸" CUT 7 Audio: "Sixth is Ljubljana, Slovenia. This charming capital city is an eco-friendly paradise!" Action line: The host pretends to ride a bike, enjoying the city's green spaces. On-screen text: "6. Ljubljana, Slovenia 🇸🇮" CUT 8 Audio: "Number seven is Gothenburg, Sweden. Vibrant culture and cozy cafes, need we say more?" Action line: The host pretends to sip a hot drink while enjoying a lively atmosphere. On-screen text: "7. Gothenburg, Sweden 🇸🇪" CUT 9 Audio: "Eighth is Matera, Italy. Explore its ancient cave dwellings and stunning views!" Action line: The host acts like an adventurer, discovering hidden caves and marveling at the scenery. On-screen text: "8. Matera, Italy 🇮🇹" CUT 10 Audio: "Number nine is Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Its iconic bridge is a must-see!" Action line: The host pretends to walk across a bridge, taking in the amazing architecture. On-screen text: "9. Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina 🇧🇦" CUT 11 Audio: "Finally, tenth is Rovinj, Croatia. Cobblestone streets and crystal-clear waters make it unforgettable!" Action line: The host pretends to stroll through a charming town and then dive into the sea. On-screen text: "10. Rovinj, Croatia
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