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Tiktok Viral Video Ideas

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Are you ready to take your TikTok game to the next level? 🚀 With this chatGPT script prompt, you'll have the secret weapon for creating viral TikTok video ideas that get millions of views and skyrocket your following! 🔥📈 This expertly crafted prompt takes the guesswork out of crafting killer ideas. Simply feed it your ideas and watch as it transforms them into engaging, attention-grabbing video ideas that resonate with your audience. 💡👀
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Updated: 5 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-3.5 (gpt-3.5-turbo)
Token size
191 ($0.00030 / call)
Example input
TikTok marketer and influencer. TikTok video ideas 10 Young adults Persuasive English Creative
Example output
Idea 1: "Life Hacks Unleashed" Title: "🚀 Life Hacks You NEED to Try! 🔥" Hashtags: #LifeHacks #ProTips #HackYourLife In this video, demonstrate a series of clever life hacks that make everyday tasks easier. Keep it fun, creative, and visually engaging. Idea 2: "Dance Challenge Showdown" Title: "🕺💃 Ultimate Dance Challenge Face-off! Who Wins? 😎" Hashtags: #DanceChallenge #DanceOff #WhoDancesBetter Organize a dance-off between friends or influencers, showcasing your own moves and inviting your viewers to vote for the winner. Idea 3: "Cooking with a Twist" Title: "👩‍🍳 Cooking Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind! 🍽️" Hashtags: #CookingHacks #KitchenMagic #FoodieFinds Share unconventional cooking tips and tricks to elevate dishes, like using unexpected ingredients or unique presentation ideas. Idea 4: "Glow Up Transformation" Title: "🌟 From Drab to Fab: Epic Glow Up Transformation! ✨" Hashtags: #GlowUp #Transformation #BeforeAndAfter Document a stunning makeover journey, including fashion, makeup, and hair transformations, with before-and-after shots. Idea 5: "Hidden Gems Travel" Title: "🌍 Discover Hidden Travel Gems You Never Knew Existed! 🗺️" Hashtags: #TravelSecrets #HiddenGems #Wanderlust Take your viewers on a virtual tour of lesser-known travel destinations, highlighting their unique beauty and charm. Idea 6: "DIY Home Decor" Title: "✨ DIY Home Decor Hacks That Won't Break the Bank! 🏡" Hashtags: #DIYDecor #HomeHacks #DecorOnABudget Create and showcase affordable, eye-catching home decor projects that anyone can replicate at home. Idea 7: "Trendy Fashion Lookbook" Title: "👗💄 Trend Alert: Must-Have Fashion Looks for 2023! 💅" Hashtags: #FashionTrends #Lookbook #StyleInspo Model a series of trendy outfits for the upcoming season, emphasizing unique style combinations and accessories. Idea 8: "Pet Tricks Challenge" Title: "🐾 Pet Tricks Showdown: Who's the Most Talented? 🏆" Hashtags: #PetTricks #CutePets #FurryFriends Gather videos of pets performing adorable and impressive tricks, and encourage viewers to submit their own pet's talents. Idea 9: "Mystery DIY Challenge" Title: "🧩 Mystery DIY Challenge: Can You Guess the End Result? 🤔" Hashtags: #MysteryDIY #CraftyChallenge #GuessTheOutcome Start a DIY project with a mysterious twist and engage your audience by asking them to predict the final result. Idea 10: "Epic Pranks Compilation" Title: "😂 Prank Wars: Epic Moments You Can't Stop Laughing At! 😆" Hashtags: #PrankWars #FunnyPranks #LaughOutLoud Compile a series of hilarious and harmless pranks that will leave your viewers in stitches.
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