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Tiktok Viral Video Scripts

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🌟 Boost your TikTok fame with our GPT script prompt! 🎬 Unlock the secret to viral TikTok videos, amass millions of views, and skyrocket your following! 🔥 Our innovative prompt streamlines script creation, turning your ideas into captivating content. Save time, increase engagement, and monetize your following! 🚀 Embrace the chance to become a TikTok sensation! Grab the GPT script prompt and watch your success soar! 🌟
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11 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-3.5 (gpt-3.5-turbo)
Token size
167 ($0.0003 / call)
Example input
Dividend investing, affiliate marketing, online tutoring, coaching, creating online courses, app development, website flipping, domain trading, Amazon FBA, white-labeling, subscription boxes ...
Example output
[0:00 - 0:03] (Whispering) Hey, want to hear about the mysterious secret behind a man who turned $10,000 into a fortune? [0:04 - 0:08] It was a dark, stormy night in 2008, during the financial crisis, when this ordinary guy stumbled upon an unexpected treasure. [0:09 - 0:14] He discovered a hidden gem: Dividend Investing. This powerful strategy turned his life upside down, like a thrilling roller coaster. [0:15 - 0:19] For years, he secretly collected dividends from companies, like a skilled treasure hunter unearthing gold coins. [0:20 - 0:25] He reinvested them, snowballing his wealth. Slowly but surely, the money grew and grew, like a financial Frankenstein! [0:26 - 0:31] And now, this mysterious investor enjoys a life of luxury, free from the chains of a 9-to-5 job, all thanks to that fateful night. [0:32 - 0:36] So, do you dare ?
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