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Tiktok Video Script Generator

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This prompt generates complete and attractive video scripts for Tiktok/Instagram/YouTube Shorts. You can customize the script length and choose any topic. Enjoy!
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10 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
111 ($0.00330 / call)
Example input
Create a 60-second TikTok video script. The subject of the video must be : how to use Midjourney AI.
Example output
**Title:** Discover Midjourney AI in Just 60 Seconds! **Scene 1 (0-5 seconds):** - Shot: Close-up of the main character (MC) looking at the camera - Camera angle: Eye level - Dialogue: "Hey, want to learn about Midjourney AI? Let's dive in!" - Facial expression: Excited and energetic - Gesture: MC snaps fingers and the video transitions to Scene 2 **Scene 2 (5-15 seconds):** - Shot: Medium shot of MC with a laptop or tablet in hand - Camera angle: Slightly low angle, emphasizing MC's authority - Dialogue: "Midjourney AI is an amazing tool to **automate tasks**, **analyze data**, and **optimize your business**." - Facial expression: Confident and enthusiastic - Gesture: MC points to the device screen, showing the Midjourney AI logo **Scene 3 (15-25 seconds):** - Shot: Montage of various industries (e-commerce, marketing, healthcare, etc.) - Camera angle: Varied angles and shots to keep it engaging - Dialogue: (Voiceover) "No matter your industry, Midjourney AI can help you **save time** and **boost productivity**." - Facial expression: N/A - Gesture: N/A **Scene 4 (25-35 seconds):** - Shot: Medium shot of MC demonstrating how to use the Midjourney AI platform - Camera angle: Over-the-shoulder view of the device screen - Dialogue: "It's super easy to use! Just **sign up**, **choose your tools**, and **start automating**!" - Facial expression: Focused, smiling - Gesture: MC swipes and taps on the screen to navigate the platform **Scene 5 (35-45 seconds):** - Shot: Close-up of MC's face - Camera angle: Eye level - Dialogue: "The best part? You can **customize** Midjourney AI to fit your needs and **scale as you grow**." - Facial expression: Excited and proud - Gesture: MC makes a thumbs-up sign **Scene 6 (45-55 seconds):** - Shot: Wide shot of MC with a group of happy, diverse people - Camera angle: Eye level - Dialogue: "Join the thousands who've already transformed their businesses with Midjourney AI!" - Facial expression: All characters are smiling and enthusiastic - Gesture: MC and the group raise their hands in a victorious pose **Scene 7 (55-60 seconds):** - Shot: Close-up of MC's face, slightly zooming out - Camera angle: Eye level - Dialogue: "Ready to get started? Check out Midjourney AI now! And don't forget to **like** and **share** this video!" - Facial expression: Grinning and winking - Gesture: MC points towards the camera, then gives a thumbs-up With this engaging and informative TikTok video script, you'll quickly grab viewers' attention and introduce them to the benefits of Midjourney AI.
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