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Trading Strategy Cryptostockoptions

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Are you looking to improve your trading game? Look no further! Our prompts cover the most popular trading platforms, instruments, and strategies. As a well-versed trader, you will develop custom scripts based on your trading strategy, create a buy and sell strategy before making any decisions. Additionally, you will learn about the best indicators to enhance your trading strategy. Don't miss out on the opportunity to take your trading to the next level!
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1 year ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-3.5 (gpt-3.5-turbo)
Token size
155 ($0.00030 / call)
Example input
Strategy : 20 crossing 50 day and RSI > 50 for Buy and Sell Platform : [ Thinkorswim from (from TD Ameritrade) ]
Example output
# Input parameters input fastLength = 20; input slowLength = 50; input rsiLength = 14; input rsiOverbought = 70; input rsiOversold = 30; # Define moving averages def fastMA = SimpleMovingAvg(close, fastLength); def slowMA = SimpleMovingAvg(close, slowLength); # Define RSI def rsi = RSI(close, rsiLength); # Determine Buy/Sell signals def buySignal = fastMA crosses above slowMA and rsi > 50; def sellSignal = fastMA crosses below slowMA and rsi < 50; # Plot Buy/Sell signals on chart plot buy = if buySignal then low - 2.0 else Double.NaN; plot sell = if sellSignal then high + 2.0 else Double.NaN; buy.SetPaintingStrategy(PaintingStrategy.BOOLEAN_ARROW_UP); sell.SetPaintingStrategy(PaintingStrategy.BOOLEAN_ARROW_DOWN); # Add Chart Label for Buy/Sell Signals AddChartBubble(buySignal, low - 2, "Buy", Color.GREEN); AddChartBubble(sellSignal, high + 2, "Sell", Color.RED);
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