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Create Exciting trivia game questions and answers with a click! For GPT 3.5 and above. Create diverse questions for different players, covering various topics and difficulty levels. Create Trivia on Fun, serious, silly, weird and anything in-between. Make it fun, surprising, or challenging. Get creative, provide correct answers, and suggest scoring. Customize Trivia Game Questions to suit - Participants - Number of questions - Topics or Categories - Question format - Difficulty level
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4 months ago

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Example input
[Participants]: Adults over 60 [Number of Questions]: 30 questions [Categories]: Romance in daily life [Styles]: mix of multiple-choice and true/false [Difficulty Levels]: mix of easy and medium
Example output
**Title: Love and Laughter Trivia Extravaganza for the Young at Heart** *Welcome to the Love and Laughter Trivia Extravaganza, a delightful journey through the romantic nuances of daily life. This trivia is specially curated for our cherished participants, adults over 60, who bring a wealth of experiences and joy to every moment. Get ready to be entertained, surprised, and challenged as we explore the subtle art of romance in our everyday lives. Let the fun begin!* --- **Question 1:** *True/False* In Japan, there's a unique service where you can rent a handsome man to wipe away your tears and listen to your problems. Is this statement true or false? **Answer:** True --- **Question 2:** *Multiple Choice* What is the traditional gift for a 15th wedding anniversary? a) Crystal b) Pearl c) Silver d) Gold **Answer:** Crystal --- **Question 3:** *True/False* Couples who laugh together tend to have a stronger and more enduring relationship. Is this statement true or false? **Answer:** True --- **Question 4:** *Multiple Choice* Which country is known for the tradition of "locking" padlocks on bridges to symbolize everlasting love? a) Italy b) France c) China d) Brazil **Answer:** Italy --- **Question 5:** *True/False* Elephants are known to form deep emotional bonds and can experience grief over the loss of a loved one. Is this statement true or false? **Answer:** True --- **Question 6:** *Multiple Choice* In Victorian England, what flower symbolized secrecy and confidentiality in matters of the heart? a) Rose b) Lily c) Snapdragon d) Forget-Me-Not **Answer:** Snapdragon --- **Question 7:** *True/False* The Eiffel Tower in Paris is a popular spot for marriage proposals. Is this statement true or false? **Answer:** True --- **Question 8:** *Multiple Choice* What is the term for the phenomenon when two people start to mimic each other's gestures and speech patterns unconsciously? a) Mimicry Effect b) Mirror Neurons c) Synchronicity d) Harmony Reflex **Answer:** Mimicry Effect --- **Question 9:** *True/False* Penguins are known to give pebbles as gifts to express their love. Is this statement true or false? **Answer:** True --- **Question 10:** *Multiple Choice* In which culture is it traditional for the groom to carry the bride across the threshold to protect her from evil spirits? a) Irish b) Greek c) Scottish d) Romanian **Answer:** Greek --- *Continue: Yes or No?* **Question 11:** *True/False* The longest recorded marriage in history lasted for over 86 years. Is this statement true or false? **Answer:** True --- **Question 12:** *Multiple Choice* What is the Italian term for the sweet time spent lingering over a meal with loved ones? a) Dolce Vita b) Amore Time c) Bello Momento d) Ciao Tempo **Answer:** Dolce Vita --- **Question 13:** *True/False* Couples who cook together are more likely to stay together. Is this statement true or false? **Answer:** True --- **Question 14:** *Multiple Choice* Which animal is known for forming monogamous pair bonds that can last a lifetime? a) Swans b) Wolves c) Dolphins d) Eagles **Answer:** Swans --- **Question 15:** *True/False* The world's smallest movie theater, only accommodating two people, is located in New York and designed for a cozy romantic experience. Is this statement true or false? **Answer:** True --- **Question 16:** *Multiple Choice* What is the traditional gift for a 20th wedding anniversary? a) China b) Platinum c) Emerald d) Ruby **Answer:** China --- **Question 17:** *True/False* Oxytocin, often referred to as the "love hormone," is released in large quantities during hugs. Is this statement true or false? **Answer:** True --- **Question 18:** *Multiple Choice* Which ancient civilization celebrated a festival called Lupercalia, considered the predecessor to Valentine's Day? a) Greek b) Roman c) Egyptian d) Persian **Answer:** Roman --- **Question 19:** *True/False* In Bhutan, it is customary for couples to live together for some time before formalizing their marriage. Is this statement true or false? **Answer:** True --- **Question 20:** *Multiple Choice* Which planet is associated with the astrological sign of love and romance, Venus? a) Mars b) Jupiter c) Saturn d) Mercury **Answer:** Venus --- *Continue: Yes or No?* **Question 21:** *True/False* The tradition of exchanging wedding rings dates back to ancient Egypt. Is this statement true or false? **Answer:** True --- **Question 22:** *Multiple Choice* Which fruit is traditionally thrown at weddings in Greece for good luck? a) Apples b) Pomegranates c) Oranges d) Grapes **Answer:** Apples --- **Question 23:** *True/False* A study found that couples who travel together have reported increased feelings of intimacy and romance. Is this statement true or false? **Answer:** True --- **Question 24:** *Multiple Choice* What is the term for the phenomenon when two people are so close that they start to synchronize their heartbeats? a) Cardiac Coherence b) Cardio Harmony c) Heartbeat Sync d) Rhythmic Resonance **Answer:** Cardiac Coherence --- **Question 25:** *True/False* The Taj Mahal in India was built by Emperor Shah Jahan as a tribute to his late wife Mumtaz Mahal. Is this statement true or false? **Answer:** True --- **Question 26:** *Multiple Choice* Which bird is famous for its elaborate courtship dance, often performed to attract a mate? a) Peacock b) Hummingbird c) Albatross d) Penguin **Answer:** Albatross --- **Question 27:** *True/False* A hug that lasts for 20 seconds or more can trigger the release of oxytocin and reduce stress. Is this statement true or false? **Answer:** True --- **Question 28:** *Multiple Choice* In Welsh folklore, what symbolizes everlasting love and is often exchanged between lovers? a) Oak Tree Branch b) Daffodil c) Leek d) Love Spoon **Answer:** Love Spoon --- **Question 29:** *True/False* The Eiffel Tower was originally intended to be a temporary structure for the 1889 World's Fair. Is this statement true or false? **Answer:** True --- **Question 30:** *Multiple Choice* Which ancient civilization believed that the heart, not the brain, was the seat of emotions and love? a) Egyptian b) Greek c) Chinese d) Indian **Answer:** Egyptian --- *Scoring:* - True/False Questions: 1 point each - Multiple Choice Questions: 2 points each Calculate the total score out of 60 points and share the results with the participants. Celebrate their knowledge and the joy of sharing these delightful facts!
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