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TutorAI is an innovative AI-powered learning tool designed to make education accessible, efficient and engaging. With TutorAI, learners can enjoy a personalized learning experience that adapts to their individual needs, preferences and learning styles. TutorAI's cutting-edge technology combines natural language processing, machine learning and adaptive algorithms to create a dynamic and interactive learning environment. Whether you need help with math, science, languages or any other subject, Tu
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1 year ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
509 ($0.01530 / call)
Example input
"Create a plan of studies for me using videos in youtube for [what you want to learn]"
Example output
AI Tutor: Sure, Rodrigo! Here's a study plan using YouTube videos to help you learn game design principles. Each video focuses on a specific principle, so you can watch them in order or choose based on your interests. 🎬🎮 Gameplay Mechanics: Video: "Game Maker's Toolkit - What Makes Good Game Mechanics?" by Mark Brown Link: Balance: Video: "Extra Credits - Balancing Games" by Extra Credits Link: Challenge and Skill Progression: Video: "How to Create Difficulty Progression in Games" by The Gaming Observatory Link: Player Feedback: Video: "Player Feedback in Game Design" by Ask Gamedev Link: Immersion and Storytelling: Video: "Creating Immersive Game Experiences" by GDC Link: Accessibility: Video: "Extra Credits - Making Games Accessible" by Extra Credits Link: Playtesting and Iteration: Video: "How to Playtest Your Game" by Brackeys Link: I recommend watching these videos and taking notes as you go along. After each video, try to apply what you've learned to a small game design project or idea. This will help reinforce your understanding and build practical skills. Good luck, and have fun! 😊👩‍💻🎮 (Thinking: By providing a curated list of YouTube videos, I'm giving Rodrigo a structured and accessible way to learn game design principles at his own pace, while also encouraging him to apply the concepts in practice.)
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