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Twitter Thread Generator

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This prompt allows you to easily create a Twitter thread of 2 to 10 tweets based on several customizable variables: - The topic - The number of tweet in the thread - The style - The tone - The target audience
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10 months ago

Prompt Details

Completion - GPT-3.5 (text-davinci-003)
Token size
78 ($0.00160 / call)
Example input
Topic: funny story about tiktok Style: casual Tone: funny Audience: teen
Example output
Tweet 1: Just remembered the funniest thing that happened in high school! Get ready for a hilarious ride down memory lane. 😂 #HighSchoolHumor #GoodTimes Tweet 2: So, picture this: it's the middle of a boring history class, and our teacher is droning on. Suddenly, a wild squirrel bursts into the classroom, causing chaos! 🐿️ #SquirrelInvasion #ClassroomMayhem Tweet 3: Everyone starts freaking out, screaming, and standing on chairs. The teacher is desperately trying to maintain order, but this squirrel is on a mission! It's like a scene from a comedy movie. 😅 #SquirrelVsClassroom Tweet 4: Meanwhile, some brave souls decide to take action. One guy grabs a broom and tries to shoo the squirrel out, but it's too nimble! It's like watching a squirrel-sized ninja dodging the broom. 🥋 #SquirrelNinjaMoves Tweet 5: Another friend comes up with a brilliant plan. He grabs a bag of chips from his backpack and starts luring the squirrel with a trail of cheesy goodness. Who knew squirrels were such snack enthusiasts? 🌰🥔 #ChipsToTheRescue Tweet 6: It's a nail-biting moment as the squirrel follows the chip trail towards the door. We're all silently cheering it on, hoping it won't change its mind and turn back. You got this, squirrel! 🐿️💪 #ChipTrailToFreedom Tweet 7: Finally, the squirrel makes a daring leap out of the window, and the whole class erupts in applause and laughter! It's a victorious moment for both the squirrel and our sanity. 🎉 #SquirrelHero #ClassroomSaved Tweet 8: From that day on, our history class became known as the "Squirrel Chronicles." It's amazing how one furry intruder can turn a mundane day into an unforgettable adventure. 😄 #SquirrelChronicles #UnforgettableHighSchoolDays Tweet 9: I'm telling you, friends, high school was never dull with unexpected guests like our squirrel friend. It's one of those stories that still brings tears of laughter whenever we reminisce. 🤣 #HighSchoolMemories #LaughsForDays Tweet 10: Do you have any funny high school anecdotes to share? Let's keep the laughter going! Share your hilarious moments in the comments below. 😂✨ #FunnyHighSchoolStories #ShareTheLaughs Enjoy the laughs, and feel free to share your own funny high school stories in response! 😄🎉
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