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Generate your own Game Design Document (GDD), and develop your game! By giving it an initial description, you will get the basic guidelines to start your game, as well as the programming necessary for your game to take shape!
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1 year ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-3.5 (gpt-3.5-turbo)
Token size
148 ($0.00030 / call)
Example input
[Video Game Genre]: 2D adventure [World Description]: Fantasy world [Game Name]: 'Realm of Heroes' [Main Character Description]: Brave warrior called Alex [Combat Description]: Exciting and strategic [Enemies Descriptions]: From magical creatures to powerful warriors
Example output
Combat system: Implements a turn-based combat system, where both the player and enemies have opportunities to attack and defend. Adds an energy meter that gradually fills up and allows the player to perform special attacks or unique abilities. Introduces a combo system, where the player can chain successful attacks together to cause additional damage or trigger special effects. Enemies: Magical Creature: An agile enemy that can cast spells and teleport around the stage. Its weakness can be its limited physical stamina. Colossal Warrior: An enemy of great size and colossal strength. His attacks are devastating, but his slowness can be used to evade them. Enchanting Siren: An enemy that uses her song to disorientate and weaken the player. The player must resist her influence and find an opportunity to attack. Stealth Thief: A stealthy and agile enemy that moves quickly and attacks from the shadows. Requires the player to be vigilant and use detection skills to counter him. Special abilities for the protagonist: Crushing Blow: A powerful melee attack that deals heavy damage to the enemy. Divine Shield: Creates a temporary shield that reduces incoming damage for a limited number of turns. Swift Lunge: Performs a series of quick, accurate attacks, each with a critical hit chance. Warrior's Fury: Temporarily increases Alex's speed and strength, allowing him to attack multiple times in a single turn. Combat moves for the protagonist: Jump and Attack: Allows Alex to leap over an enemy and land a blow from above. Roll and dodge: Performs a quick somersault to evade enemy attacks. Charge Charge: Alex runs towards the enemy at high speed, dealing damage and knocking them down if successful. Perfect Defence: Perform a precise defence at just the right moment to completely nullify the next enemy attack.
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