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V51 Short Midjourney Prompt Generator

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If you want to use all the power of Midjourney Version 5.1, then this prompt may be useful for you! My other V5 Midjourney Prompts generator produces very long descriptive that that is perfect for version V5 and that is fine. BUT Midjourney 5.1 adapts well to short and theoretical prompts and that's why I developed this prompt in order to create very short effective prompts optimatize for the latest version. This ChatGPT 4 prompt has 3 input and produce 2 Midjouney prompts in seconds!
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Updated: 1 year ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
453 ($0.01360 / call)
Example input
{{Image Type and Subject}} = [ Detailed Illustration for a Motorcycle Racing Vintage T-Shirt Design ], {{Image Style}} = [Hyper-realistic and Hand Painted Acrylic], {{Lights and Color Set Up}} = [Dramatic with vibrant color palette].
Example output
PLEASE NOTE: You can use it with Chat GPT 4 default version or with the new Beta Web Browsing version ------------------ OUTPUT USING DEFAULT CHAT GPT 4 ------------------ EXAMPLE 1) /Imagine prompt: An acrylic tableau of motorcycle racing in its glorious vintage era. Visualize the hyper-realism capturing the drama and velocity, vibrant hues accentuating the thrill. A design fitting for a vintage t-shirt, alive with the roars of engines and the nostalgia of bygone races. --v 5.1 /Imagine prompt: Picture a hand-painted chronicle of antiquated motorcycle contests, detailed with hyper-realistic precision. The palette swells with lively, vibrant colors, echoing the drama and speed. A scene worthy of adorning a retro t-shirt, buzzing with the echoes of past engines, alive with the sentiments of racing's golden age. --v 5.1 EXAMPLE 2) /Imagine prompt: A breathtaking portrait of a fashion-forward woman, adorned with eyeglasses and a hat. Immerse yourself in the hyper-realistic minimalism of her representation, under the dramatic light imbued with deep, sensuous red tones. --v 5.1 /Imagine prompt: Conjure an arresting depiction of a stylish lady, her eyes shielded by glasses and head graced with a hat. The hyper-realistic minimalism brings her to life, under the spell of dramatic illumination, steeped in profound, rousing hues of red. --v 5.1 ------------------ OUTPUT USING WEB BROWSING CHAT GPT 4 ------------------ EXAMPLE 1) /Imagine prompt: "A hyper-realistic acrylic painting vividly captures a vintage motorcycle race, perfect for a t-shirt design. The scene is dramatically lit, and a riotous palette of colors brings an air of nostalgia." --v 5.1 /Imagine prompt: "Envision a hand-painted, lifelike acrylic portrayal of a bygone era's motorcycle competition, resonating with a t-shirt's fabric. The tableau bathed in theatrical light, exploding in a vibrant symphony of colors, evokes a wistful reminiscence." --v 5.1 EXAMPLE 2) /Imagine prompt: "A hyper-realistic, minimalist portrait of a fashion-forward woman, distinguished by her glasses and hat. The scene is steeped in drama, with deep red tones dominating." --v 5.1 /Imagine prompt: "Picture a stark, lifelike depiction of a style-conscious lady, her eyes shielded by spectacles, her head adorned with a hat. Bathed in a theatrical aura, the setting is awash with profound hues of crimson." --v 5.1 FEEL FREE TO TRY THOSE PROMPTS ABOVE TO SEE THE RESULTS USING MIDJOURNEY VERSION 5.1
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