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Validate Any Idea With Feedback

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Validate any of your ideas with a scoring system, constructive feedback + instructions on the best way to implement each idea. A self recursive powerful AI idea generator/implementor. This prompt is really powerful. It uses: - A scoring System - Constructive Feedback. - Provides a way the idea could be improved. - Provides steps on how to implement the idea. You then break each instruction into smaller parts, validate, analyse the feedback which builds your idea all using the power of GPT.
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1 year ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
191 ($0.00570 / call)
Example input
Business idea - [Virtual Time Travel Agency]: A VR company that simulates historical events and locations, allowing users to explore ancient civilizations or witness world-changing events firsthand,
Example output
As a Universal Evaluator with expertise in business, I will evaluate the business idea of a Virtual Time Travel Agency. This company would use virtual reality (VR) technology to simulate historical events and locations, allowing users to explore ancient civilizations or witness world-changing events firsthand. Here is my evaluation based on various aspects of the business idea: Innovation (20/20): The concept of a Virtual Time Travel Agency is innovative and offers a unique service. It combines cutting-edge VR technology with historical and educational content to create immersive experiences for users. Market Demand (15/20): There is a growing interest in VR experiences, and this idea caters to both entertainment and educational markets. However, the demand for VR experiences specifically focused on historical events and locations might be a niche market, limiting the potential user base. Competition (10/20): While there may not be many direct competitors offering the same service, the VR market is filled with various types of experiences, including gaming, entertainment, and educational content. The Virtual Time Travel Agency would need to differentiate itself to stand out in this competitive space. Feasibility (15/20): Developing high-quality VR simulations requires significant investment in technology, content creation, and research. Access to historical data and collaboration with experts would be necessary to ensure the accuracy of the simulations. Additionally, the cost of VR hardware and its adoption rate might affect the feasibility of the business. Scalability (10/20): While the business could start with a few popular historical events and locations, expanding the offerings to cover a wider range of time periods and geographical locations might be resource-intensive and time-consuming. Total Score: 70/100 Summary: The idea of a Virtual Time Travel Agency is innovative and has the potential to cater to the growing interest in VR experiences. However, it faces challenges related to market demand, competition, feasibility, and scalability. With a score of 70/100, the idea has merits, but there is room for improvement. Should the idea be improved? Yes, it should. Here are some suggestions: Market research should be conducted to better understand the potential target audience and determine the most appealing historical events and locations to start with. Partnerships with educational institutions and historians could be established to ensure the accuracy of the content and potentially expand the user base. Explore alternative revenue streams such as licensing the content to schools or museums, or offering a subscription model to access a continuously expanding library of experiences. By addressing these areas, the Virtual Time Travel Agency has the potential to improve its score and increase its chances of success in the market.
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