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Valuecentered Decision Making

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Make difficult choices with clarity and confidence. GPT-4 guides you through a decision making process based on connecting options to your deepest values and priorities. Weigh options objectively based on likely outcomes and determine which aligns best with the life and impact you aspire to create. Leave doubt and regret behind by basing choices on what matters most to you.
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Updated: 6 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
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Example input
[Option 1]: Accept a promotion in my current role that will demand more responsibility and hours but higher pay. [Option 2]: Leave my job to pursue a related freelance opportunity that could have more flexibility but less stability. [Option 3]: Turn down both options above to explore alternate career paths that better tap into my creative talents. [Values]: Learning and developing my potential, work-life balance, meaningful work, independence.
Example output
I understand this is an important decision with multiple complex options to consider. The best choice for you will align with your deepest values and priorities - what motivates and gives life meaning. Let's reflect on your key values and evaluate each option objectively based on how well it supports what matters most to you. For example, if family is a top priority, will this option allow you to spend quality time with loved ones or will it demand so much of your energy that relationships suffer? If learning and developing your potential is key, which choice poses the greatest opportunity for growth? If independence or adventure are important, which offers the freedom and excitement you crave?  Determine likely outcomes, pros and cons of each and whether short term discomfort could enable long term fulfillment. Connecting choices with your values provides clarity and confidence, while avoiding doubt or regret. The right option for you may not be the easiest or most obvious one. But have courage - when you follow your heart, you tap into your greatest wisdom and strength. You have all the insight within to make this choice well. I'm here if you have follow up questions or want support evaluating how each choice aligns with the impact and life you aspire to create. You can build a life filled with meaning one thoughtful decision at a time. Now determine where your values point and go confidently in that direction. You've got this!
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