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This tool converts text-based content from video demonstrations into concise, informative, and engaging slide prompts, instruction boxes. These prompts can be easily incorporated into presentation slides, with the aim to provide clear, informative, and captivating guidance for learners.

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Updated: 2 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
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114 ($0.0034 / call)
Example input
Please provide brief, text-based descriptions of each slide from your video demonstration. For example: 'Slide 1: Introduction to software's main features. This will have been transcribed from a video or audio.
Example output
Slide 1: "Welcome to the walkthrough of our latest software product, designed to enhance your productivity and efficiency." Slide 2: "Presenting the software's main interface, complete with several functional tabs which we'll explore in the subsequent slides." Slide 3: "Starting with the 'File' tab, it hosts options for file management, printing, and accessing settings and preferences." Slide 4: "The 'Edit' tab is your hub for all editing tools, including undo/redo functions, text manipulation options, and advanced formatting tools." Slide 5: "In the 'View' tab, customize the software's layout and appearance to suit your preferences, with adjustable zoom levels and theme options." Slide 6: "The 'Tools' tab houses advanced features, like macros, automation tools, advanced search functions, and customizable keyboard shortcuts." Slide 7: "For guidance, turn to the 'Help' tab. Here you'll find documentation, tutorials, and our customer support contact information." Slide 8: "That concludes our software demo! We trust this tour has given you insights into the potential of our software. Thank you for your attention."
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