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8 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
84 ($0.00250 / call)
Example input
[Business name]: RetroBakes [Product/Service]: Vintage inspired baked goods [Target Audience]: Millennials and Gen-Z with a taste for nostalgia and aesthetic food presentation
Example output
Title: "Nostalgic Baking Adventures with RetroBakes 🍰✨" Objective: Create engaging reel content to highlight Vintage-inspired baked goods, appealing to Millennials and Gen-Z with a taste for nostalgia and aesthetic food presentation. 1. **Vintage Recipe Challenge** - Theme: Have a skilled baker recreate a classic vintage dessert, such as a 1950s-style pie or a 1980s-themed cake. - Video: - Showcasing the ingredients and their vintage packaging. - Step-by-step preparation of the dessert with a retro twist. - The finished product beautifully presented. - Hashtags: #VintageBakingChallenge #RetroTreats #NostalgicDesserts - CTA: Encourage viewers to try the recipe and share their results. 2. **Time-Lapse Transformation** - Theme: Show the transformation of a plain cake or cookie into a stunning vintage-inspired masterpiece. - Video: - Begin with a plain, undecorated dessert. - Time-lapse decorating process with vintage-style designs. - Reveal the final, beautifully decorated treat. - Hashtags: #RetroBakingMagic #AestheticSweets #TimeLapseBaking - CTA: Ask viewers to comment with their favorite vintage design for the next transformation. 3. **Baking with a Twist of History** - Theme: Share the history behind a vintage dessert while making it. - Video: - Briefly discuss the dessert's origin and its popularity in the past. - Show the modern twist on the vintage recipe. - Display the final creation with aesthetic presentation. - Hashtags: #BakingHistory #ModernVintageTreats #SweetNostalgia - CTA: Encourage viewers to comment with their favorite historical desserts for future episodes. 4. **RetroBakes' Aesthetic Plating** - Theme: Showcase the art of plating Vintage-inspired baked goods. - Video: - Highlight a selection of Vintage treats. - Demonstrate creative plating techniques. - Close-up shots of the beautifully plated desserts. - Hashtags: #AestheticPlating #FoodArt #RetroSweets - CTA: Challenge viewers to try their hand at aesthetic plating and tag @RetroBakes for a chance to be featured. 5. **Taste Test & Reaction** - Theme: Feature Millennials and Gen-Z taste-testing Vintage-inspired desserts. - Video: - Capture the initial reactions of young individuals trying these treats. - Share their thoughts on the taste, texture, and overall experience. - Encourage the audience to try RetroBakes' creations. - Hashtags: #TasteTestTuesday #SweetReactions #NostalgicFlavors - CTA: Ask viewers to share their own taste test experiences with RetroBakes' products. 6. **Flashback Fridays** - Theme: Share fun historical facts or events associated with vintage desserts. - Video: - Present a dessert and its historical context. - Include engaging visuals or animations to represent the past. - End with a modern twist on the dessert. - Hashtags: #FlashbackFriday #HistoryBites #VintageTrivia - CTA: Encourage viewers to comment with their favorite historical food facts. Remember to keep reels short, visually appealing, and engaging. Use music that resonates with the target audience and maintain a consistent posting schedule. Additionally, engage with comments and user-generated content to build a sense of community around RetroBakes' brand.
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