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Viral Yt Shorts Blueprint

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✨ Viral Shorts in 60 Seconds 🎬 Transform your YouTube game with this GPT-4 prompt designed to create addictive 60-second masterpieces!🤯 Unleash the secret sauce to captivate audiences, evoke emotions, and boost engagement like never before🔥 Don't miss this chance to go viral! 🚀
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1 year ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
298 ($0.00890 / call)
Example input
Topic: ChatGPT
Example output
[Opening shot of a smartphone screen with a YouTube Short playing] [Text on screen: "Meet ChatGPT - Your Personal AI Assistant"] [Cut to a young adult sitting on a couch, staring at their phone] Narrator: "Are you tired of constantly scrolling through your phone, trying to find answers?" [Cut to the same person speaking to ChatGPT on their phone] Narrator: "Meet ChatGPT - your personal AI assistant that's always there to help!" [Cut to a montage of ChatGPT helping people with various tasks] Narrator: "Need a recipe for dinner tonight? ChatGPT has got you covered. Need directions to that new restaurant? ChatGPT knows the way. It's like having a personal assistant in your pocket!" [Cut to a shot of ChatGPT's logo] Narrator: "And the best part? ChatGPT is always learning, getting smarter and more helpful every day." [Cut to a shot of the young adult from earlier, smiling while using their phone] Narrator: "So why wait? Say hello to ChatGPT today and make your life a little easier!" [Text on screen: "ChatGPT - Your Personal AI Assistant"] [End shot of the ChatGPT logo] [Text on screen: "Like, Share, Subscribe!"]
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