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Worldwide Tourist Guide

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This prompt generates detailed tourist guide for any country or city. You can choose your interest and set the number of days. Enjoy!
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6 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
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Example input
As a tourist guide to London, recommend me a 5-day itinerary with an emphasis on art and history.
Example output
**5-Day Art & History London Itinerary** *Day 1: Arrival and Exploring the City* - Morning: Arrival at **London Heathrow Airport** or **London Gatwick Airport** - Transport: Get an **Oyster Card** for public transport (bus, Tube, and train) - Accommodation: **Premier Inn** or **Travelodge** for budget, **The Savoy** or **The Ritz** for luxury - Afternoon: Visit **Trafalgar Square** and **The National Gallery**   - Must-see: The Sunflowers by Van Gogh, The Fighting Temeraire by Turner - Evening: Dinner at **Dishoom** for delicious Indian cuisine *Day 2: History & Royalty* - Morning: Visit **The British Museum**   - Must-see: Rosetta Stone, Elgin Marbles - Afternoon: Visit **The Tower of London** and **Tower Bridge**   - Must-see: The Crown Jewels, White Tower - Evening: Dinner at **The Ivy** for a classic British dining experience *Day 3: Art & Culture* - Morning: Visit **Tate Modern**   - Must-see: Works by Picasso, Hockney, and Warhol - Afternoon: Explore **Southbank** and visit **Shakespeare's Globe Theatre** - Evening: Dinner at **Borough Market** for diverse food options *Day 4: Royal Palaces & Gardens* - Morning: Visit **Buckingham Palace** and watch the Changing of the Guard - Afternoon: Explore **Kensington Palace** and **Kensington Gardens**   - Must-see: State Apartments, Princess Diana Memorial Fountain - Evening: Dinner at **Rules** for traditional British cuisine *Day 5: Museums & Shopping* - Morning: Visit **Victoria and Albert Museum** and **Natural History Museum**   - Must-see: The Great Bed of Ware, The Darwin Centre - Afternoon: Shopping at **Covent Garden** and **Oxford Street** - Evening: Dinner at **Sketch** for a unique dining experience
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