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Your Personal Job Coach

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Here is a more detailed description to highlight the value of this prompt to potential buyers: This professionally-crafted prompt enables you to unlock ChatGPT's full potential as an intelligent, personalized career coach dedicated to helping you advance and thrive in your career. By providing key background details like your position, experience, skills and goals, the prompt allows ChatGPT to tailor its guidance specifically to your unique situation and aspirations.
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8 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
255 ($0.00770 / call)
Example input
\[Your name\]: John Smith \[Your position\]: Marketing Manager \[Company name\]: Microsoft \[#\] years of experience: 5 years \[Your industry/field\]: Tech marketing \[Key skills and interests\]: Digital marketing, social media, project management, creative thinking \[Short term goals\]: Lead a marketing campaign from concept to execution in the next year \[Long term goals\]: Become a Marketing Director at a tech company in the next 5 years \[Coach's name\]: Coach Mike This allows the user to insert their own details into the framework of the prompt, tailoring it to their specific background, experience and goals. This personalized approach will enable ChatGPT to provide customized career coaching for the user's unique situation.
Example output
"John, based on your 5 years of experience in tech marketing and your interests in digital marketing and creative thinking, I believe you are well-positioned to lead your own marketing campaign from concept to execution within the next year. As the next step in your career progression at Microsoft, I would recommend targeting an integrated marketing campaign that spans both digital and traditional channels. This will leverage your digital marketing strengths while allowing you to expand your skills. Start having conversations with your manager and cross-functional teams about campaign needs coming up. Share your interest in leading a campaign and get their buy-in. Offer to support or shadow current campaign managers to learn the ropes. Also join Microsoft's internal marketing community and connect with the Marketing Director and other senior leaders. Ask to set up 30 minute informational interviews to get their advice on developing the skills to run integrated campaigns successfully. Take notes and follow their guidance. With some initiative and relationship building, you can position yourself as the natural choice to lead a campaign in the next 6-12 months. This experience will also help you work towards your longer-term goal of becoming a Marketing Director within the next 5 years. Let me know if you need any other specific guidance! I'm here to support you in advancing your career." The sample shows how the prompt can generate personalized guidance using the user's details, while providing actionable steps tailored to their goals and situation. This gives the potential buyer a glimpse into the value of the prompt.
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