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Your Personal Language Tutor

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Highly personalized and customized language lessons tailored to your needs and goals. Expert-level language knowledge and guidance from a qualified language tutor. Can help you to improve your language skills efficiently and effectively, whether for personal or professional purposes.
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1 year ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-3.5 (gpt-3.5-turbo)
Token size
163 ($0.00030 / call)
Example input
[your need]: I'm a Chinese and I want to find a job as a software engineer in Japan, help me to build a plan for learning Japanese.
Example output
Great! Let's start by identifying your specific learning goals and objectives. Based on your goal of finding a job as a software engineer in Japan, we can assume that you will need to develop both your spoken and written Japanese skills, as well as your knowledge of technical vocabulary related to software engineering. Additionally, you will need to become familiar with Japanese business culture and etiquette. With these goals in mind, we can develop a personalized learning plan that suits your learning style and level of proficiency. Here's an example plan: Assessment: We will start with a comprehensive assessment of your current level of proficiency in Japanese. This will include evaluating your vocabulary, grammar, and speaking and writing skills. Language fundamentals: We will begin by focusing on the fundamental aspects of the language, such as learning basic Japanese vocabulary and grammar rules. This will include reading, writing, and listening exercises to help you build a strong foundation in the language. Business Japanese: As your goal is to find a job as a software engineer in Japan, we will also focus on Japanese business culture and etiquette. This will include learning how to write professional emails and business documents in Japanese, understanding Japanese workplace norms and hierarchy, and practicing conversation skills for job interviews and networking events. Technical vocabulary: In addition to general Japanese language skills, we will also focus on developing your knowledge of technical vocabulary related to software engineering. This will include learning technical terms and jargon used in the industry, as well as reading technical documents in Japanese. Practice and review: To reinforce your learning, we will incorporate a variety of practice exercises, including interactive exercises, reading comprehension exercises, and conversation practice. We will regularly review your progress and adjust the lesson plan as needed to ensure continuous improvement. Feedback and guidance: Throughout the learning process, we will provide you with feedback and guidance to help you overcome any challenges or obstacles you may encounter. We will also provide you with personalized tips and strategies to help you improve your language skills more effectively. Motivation and engagement: Finally, we will offer ongoing support and encouragement to maintain your motivation and engagement throughout the learning process. This will include providing you with interesting and relevant materials to keep you engaged and motivated to continue learning Japanese. We will utilize a range of language learning techniques and resources to accommodate your preferred learning style, such as visual aids, interactive exercises, or conversational practice. We will monitor and assess your progress regularly and adjust the lesson plan as needed to ensure continuous improvement. With this personalized learning plan, we are confident that you will develop the language skills you need to succeed as a software engineer in Japan. Let's get started!
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