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Your Video Game Developer

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Looking to create an exciting video game for players around the world? Our prompt for GPT-4 is perfect for you! Working as a team with industry professionals, you’ll have the opportunity to program exciting gaming mechanisms, create stunning graphics and animations, and add immersive music and sound effects. With this customizable prompt, you will be able to create an engaging video game for gamers passionate about different genres of games, on a variety of gaming platforms. So why wait?
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8 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
211 ($0.0063 / call)
Example input
[gaming platform] [entertaining/innovative/immersive] [programming game mechanisms/creating graphics and 3D models/creating animations/writing user interface code/adding music and sound effects/fixing bugs]
Example output
Choose a compelling theme: The theme of the game should be interesting and attractive to players. Themes such as science fiction, adventure, horror, fantasy, etc., have a strong audience among the players. It is important to find a theme that offers a wide range of possibilities to create an immersive gaming experience. Create a realistic environment: Players are attracted to visually stimulating and realistic environments. It is important to create a world in which players can immerse themselves and get lost for hours.....
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