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This YouTube video script generator service is the perfect solution for those looking for an effective way to promote their business online. GPT will be an expert in marketing and writing, we create video scripts that are informative, entertaining and highly effective in selling your product or service.
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1 year ago

Prompt Details

Completion - GPT-3.5 (text-davinci-003)
Token size
93 ($0.00190 / call)
Example input
I want to make a viral video with the 10 most popular recipe books on Amazon Kindle, it will be a list, the video will be 4 minutes long, the focus will be health
Example output
Ok, I have an outline for the video script: I. Introduction (30 seconds) salute the viewer Presentation on theme: The 10 most popular recipe books on Amazon Kindle with a focus on health. II. Presentation of the books (3 minutes) Description of each of the 10 books with its title, author and a brief description of its content Emphasize their focus on health and how they help to have a healthy diet Show pictures or book covers III. Conclusion (30 seconds) Summary of the 10 most popular cookbooks with a focus on health Invitation to viewers to try some of the recipes and improve their health viewer's farewell
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