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📹 Struggling for fresh YouTube video ideas? Our mega-smart AI becomes your YouTube brainstorming buddy, whipping up 15 video ideas tailored to YOUR channel in seconds! ➡️Just plug in your deets, and we'll deliver a list of creative concepts across formats like tutorials, experiments, challenges and more. ✅Say goodbye to ideation fatigue and hello to endless video ideas optimized to captivate your audience. Take your channel to the next level with AI!
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8 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
98 ($0.00290 / call)
Example input
[Channel Name] = TechTime [Niche] = Gadgets and software tutorials [Target Audience] = Beginner to intermediate tech users
Example output
Sure, here are 15 video ideas for the TechTime YouTube channel that cater to beginner to intermediate tech users, incorporating a variety of formats and targeting trending themes and interests: 1. **Smartphone Camera Shootout Challenge** *Format*: Comparison *Topic*: Compare the camera quality of the latest smartphones and challenge viewers to guess which photo was taken with each phone. Engage the audience by letting them vote on the best shots. 2. **Beginner's Guide to Customizing Your Android/iOS Device** *Format*: Tutorial *Topic*: Provide step-by-step instructions on how to personalize the look and functionality of your smartphone. Cover themes, widgets, and essential apps for customization. 3. **Laptop Buying Guide 2023** *Format*: Educational *Topic*: Help viewers choose the perfect laptop for their needs by breaking down the latest models, specifications, and price ranges. 4. **VR Gaming Experience - Oculus Quest 3 vs. PlayStation VR2** *Format*: Comparison *Topic*: Compare the latest VR headsets, Oculus Quest 3 and PlayStation VR2, showcasing the gaming experience and compatibility with popular titles. 5. **DIY PC Building Challenge for Beginners** *Format*: Challenge *Topic*: Host a PC building competition among beginners. Provide guidance and tips throughout the process, encouraging viewers to build their PCs at home. 6. **Windows 11 - Top Features and How to Upgrade** *Format*: Tutorial *Topic*: Introduce the key features of Windows 11 and guide viewers on how to upgrade their Windows 10 PCs. 7. **Unboxing and Review of the Latest Apple MacBook Air** *Format*: Unboxing & Review *Topic*: Unbox the newest MacBook Air and provide an in-depth review, covering its design, performance, and value for money. 8. **Tech Trivia Quiz Show - Test Your Knowledge** *Format*: Quiz *Topic*: Create an engaging quiz show with tech-related questions, allowing viewers to test their knowledge and win prizes. 9. **Gaming Laptop vs. Desktop - Which is Right for You?** *Format*: Comparison *Topic*: Compare the pros and cons of gaming laptops and desktops, helping viewers decide which setup suits their gaming needs. 10. **Home Automation Setup Tutorial** *Format*: Tutorial *Topic*: Show viewers how to set up a basic home automation system using popular smart devices like lights, plugs, and voice assistants. 11. **iPhone vs. Android Speed Test Experiment** *Format*: Experiment *Topic*: Conduct a real-world speed test between the latest iPhone and Android flagship, running common tasks to determine which performs better. 12. **Tech Reacts: New Apple Product Launch Event** *Format*: Reaction *Topic*: Livestream your reactions and analysis of Apple's latest product launch event, discussing the new devices and software. 13. **Tech Hacks Every Student Should Know** *Format*: Tutorial *Topic*: Share useful tech tips and hacks that can make students' lives easier, covering study apps, productivity tools, and more. 14. **Top 5 Free Video Editing Software for Beginners** *Format*: Tutorial *Topic*: Highlight the best free video editing software options for beginners and provide a brief tutorial on getting started with each. 15. **Tech Challenges: Surviving 24 Hours with Basic Gadgets Only** *Format*: Challenge *Topic*: Challenge yourself or a guest to survive a day using only basic, budget-friendly tech gadgets, documenting the experience and sharing tips along the way. These video ideas offer a diverse range of content that should resonate with your target audience, keeping them engaged and informed about the latest in tech and gadgets.
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