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App Builder & App Store

January 31st, 2024

Today we are excited to announce the launch of our new no-code AI app builder, allowing anyone to create simple AI apps using prompts.

Simultaneously, we're also launching a brand new app store, allowing AI creators to share apps they've created with the world and earn every time their apps are used.

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App Builder

Our new no-code app builder allows anyone to easily build simple, yet powerful AI apps by combining together prompts and other AI tools.

You can build apps to create almost anything; from apps that allow you to create new sticker designs for your Etsy store, to apps that let you generate tiny video games that you can play.

Within the app builder, you can harness PromptBase's marketplace of over 100k+ curated, quality AI prompts for your generations.

For a full rundown on how the app builder works, check out our video below, or the interactive tutorial within the app builder. We also have full documentation for the app builder.

App Store

Alongside our marketplace, we now have a brand new app store.

Anyone can publish an app they've created to the store (after a short review process), allowing anyone in the world to use it.

The creator of an app will earn every time their app is used (more on this below).

Our top creators have already published some brilliant apps. You can view the app store and check them out here:

View app store


With apps, our goal is to help AI creators earn more, and make it as low cost as possible for creators to start building apps.

Apps require generation credits to run.

For every credit another user spends on your app, we'll pay you either 1 credit, or 50% of the cost of a credit on our yearly pro plan. This is currently $0.0020/credit.

As a creator, you can choose this allocation. For example If your app costs 50 credits to run, you could choose:

  • 50% in credits, and 50% in cash (25 credits + 25*$0.0020 = $0.050)
  • 100% in credits, 0% in cash (50 credits + $0)
  • 0% in credits, 100% in cash (0 credits + 50*$0.0020 = $0.100)

You can set the number of credits your app costs (above a certain base price).

Within the app builder, in order to make building apps as cheap as possible for creators, we discount the credit cost of app blocks by 50%.

If you publish an app, and it gets approved, we'll also refund you 50% of the credits you spent creating your app.

There are several ways to earn credits on PromptBase without purchasing them, so you can start creating for free:

  • We award 10 free credits each day to all users who have less than 10 free credits.
  • We award 20 free credits to a seller whenever they sell a prompt, and to a buyer when they purchase a prompt.
  • You can choose to earn credits whenever your app has a valid use.
  • We award 5 free credits whenever your prompt within another app has a valid use.
  • If we approve an app you decide to publish, we will refund 50% of the credits you spent to create your app example generations.

Prompt Marketplace

The app builder exists side by side with our existing prompt marketplace.

Any of the 100k+ prompts on PromptBase can be used within the app builder after purchasing them.

For existing prompt creators, this gives purchasers of your prompts on PromptBase a whole new reason to use your prompts.

As a bonus, if you sell a prompt and it's used by another user in the app builder, we'll pay you 50% of our pro-tier yearly plan credit cost (currently: $0.0020) plus 5 free credits per generation using that prompt.

If someone decides to publish an app that contains your prompt to the app store, you'll continue to earn for every generation, even when the app is used by other people (users can't see prompts within a published app, and you can also disable this if you don't want other people publishing apps with your prompts).

Creator tools

As an AI creator, you can harness all of our existing tools and features for your apps and AI business. These include:

  • Analytics
  • Store builder
  • Thumbnail creator
  • Reviews
  • Favorites
  • Chat
  • Unlockable account perks

All these tools and features are completely free, and will always remain free.


Our mission at PromptBase has always been to enable AI creators to earn from their skills.

We were the first platform to let creators sell their prompts, and sell their AI services through our hire platform.

With apps, we aim to continue this mission, allowing creators to offer a brand new service and earn even more.

Thank you to all the creators who helped shape apps during our beta phase.

We're super excited to see what you build!


Founder, PromptBase


We have full documentation for our app builder, which should answer most questions.

How do credits work?

Apps are built by connecting together different app blocks. Each block costs a number of credits based on the amount of compute they require. For example, a block that generates images might cost 10 credits, whereas a block that generates video might cost 50 credits.

An app has a total credit cost based on the blocks within it, plus any extra credits a creator wants to add.

When you run a generation, either in the app builder, or on an app on the marketplace, you'll spend credits based on the app's cost.

How was the monetization model decided?

We chose our monetization model after working with existing PromptBase creators, and trying to be as creator friendly and future proof as possible.

If you're an AI creator whose published an app to the app store, and someone uses your app, for every credit used in that generation we'll pay you:

1 credit OR 50% of the value of a credit in our pro plan (currently $0.0020)

You can choose how to allocate this; either to earn in credits to fuel your next creation, or in cash, or a combination of both. You can also set how many credits your app costs.

We want to reward users who create complex apps with a lot of usage, and also give creators the flexibility to price their app at its perceived value.

We have tied our payout rate at 50% of our pro plan credit cost as we anticipate credit costs to decrease as compute costs decrease over time - however as app costs go down, this should balance out with demand increasing.

Our prompt marketplace revenue split is 80:20 between the creator and PromptBase. However, as the compute cost required to run an app is considerably more than the service costs of hosting and selling a prompt, a 50:50 revenue split on pro plan credit costs between platform & creator allows our platform to operate economically, whilst compensating creators well and making app run prices reasonable for users.

What decides if an app gets approved?

Right now we have no published guidelines whilst we explore what apps get created. However, initially, apps will follow a similar review process to those highlighted in our prompt guidelines.