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Introducing the Case Study Prompts! 🔍📝🔬 Unlock your business potential with our unique prompts that help you get the best case studies. Three reasons to choose this Case Study Prompt: 1️⃣ Save time: Tailored to your business needs. 2️⃣ Increase credibility: Showcases that build trust and attract new customers. 3️⃣ Stand out from the competition: Unique angles that make your case studies stand out. Start creating effective case studies today with Case Study Prompts. 💡💻💰
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1 year ago

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Chat - GPT-3.5 (gpt-3.5-turbo)
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Example input
Case study for VanMoof 🔍📝🔬
Example output
Sure, here's a template for a case study showcasing the results achieved by VanMoof, an electric bike retailer, with dentsu as their media agency: Executive Summary - Brief overview of the case study and its objectives - Summary of the key results achieved Background - Overview of VanMoof's business and its products - Brief introduction of dentsu as the media agency - Explanation of the challenges faced by VanMoof in achieving their marketing objectives Strategy - Overview of the marketing strategy implemented by VanMoof and dentsu - Explanation of the key tactics used to achieve the marketing objectives - Description of how the strategy was tailored to VanMoof's specific business needs Results - Uplift in Conversions: XX% increase in website conversions compared to the previous year - Sold Bikes: XX% increase in the number of electric bikes sold in the target markets Other key metrics/KPIs that could be included: - ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) - CTR (Click-Through Rate) - CPA (Cost per Acquisition) - Brand awareness metrics Key Takeaways - Explanation of the key learnings from the case study - Description of how the strategy and tactics can be applied to other businesses in the same industry or with similar challenges Conclusion - Summary of the results achieved and the impact on VanMoof's business - Final thoughts on the partnership between VanMoof and dentsu
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