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Character Background Story Writer

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Fiery red hair, an eye for detail, and a heart of gold. This text prompt is designed to help you craft a compelling, unique character background story. It provides the basic building blocks to get you started, leaving you with plenty of room to explore and let your creativity take over. Perfect for all genres, this prompt will help you craft a memorable character that stands out!
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1 year ago

Prompt Details

Completion - GPT-3.5 (text-davinci-003)
Token size
177 ($0.00350 / call)
Example input
[full name] = John Might [race] = human [first name] = John [class] = rogue [background] = spy [game world] = D&D [skill] = two weapons fighting [another skill] = stealth
Example output
John Might was born into a family of spies, his father and grandfather were both renowned in their field. He was trained in the art of espionage from a young age, learning the skills of stealth and two weapon fighting. He was taught to blend in with his environment and to use his wits to get out of tight situations. However, John's family was not as successful as they had hoped. They were constantly on the run from the authorities, and their financial situation was dire. John was forced to find other means to make money, and soon found himself taking odd jobs as a thief and an assassin. John's life changed when he was hired to steal a powerful magical artifact. He succeeded in his mission, but was pursued by a powerful wizard. John was able to escape with the artifact, but was forced to flee his home and start a life on the run. Now, John is an adventurer, using his skills to make a living. He travels the world, taking on dangerous jobs and searching for powerful artifacts. He has become a master of stealth and two weapon fighting, and is always looking for new challenges.


- Feb 18, 2023
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"Its work! Thank you"
- Feb 7, 2023
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"Very useful"
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