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1 year ago

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Completion - GPT-3.5 (text-davinci-003)
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Example input
0:00 so you want to become a millionaire so 0:01 you watch all of the Tony Robbins 0:03 seminars you watch all these 0:05 motivational videos I mean hey you even 0:07 think that your Tick Tock is a great 0:08 place to get financial education well 0:10 listen up in today's video I'm going to 0:11 share seven personal money tips that I 0:13 would give to you after seven years of 0:16 running a business and making tens of 0:18 millions of dollars and most importantly 0:20 I'm gonna share stuff that you probably 0:22 won't find anywhere else because I'm not 0:23 going to tell you oh don't buy Starbucks 0:25 because you know Heavens forbid you 0:27 spend four dollars on a coffee because 0:29 you can make it for 30 cents at home I'm 0:31 not gonna give you any stupid scarcity 0:33 based advice that's built specifically 0:35 for people that have no self-belief no 0:37 beliefs that they can actually go on and 0:39 accomplish anything in life no I'm gonna 0:41 give you seven practical things that you 0:43 can and should Implement from today so 0:45 the first step if you want to become a 0:47 millionaire is stop drinking now I 0:49 actually have a funny story about my 0:51 first ever tattoo it says my cup run is 0:53 over now my cup Runners over means I 0:54 have more than I need I'm abundant but 0:56 it always used to serve a fun double 0:58 purpose because I'm first few years of 1:01 starting my business I was not drinking 1:03 now whenever someone tried to get me to 1:04 drink or try to encourage me to drink of 1:06 course I politely declined and if it 1:08 kept going I used to joke with people 1:09 that didn't know me I went listen I'm a 1:11 recovering alcoholic I can't drink and 1:12 of course because I was young they're 1:13 like you're lying you're joking and I 1:15 used to show them this tattoo and I used 1:16 to say I have this tattoo that says my 1:18 cup run us over because you know my cup 1:20 was always overflowing with alcohol and 1:21 it was funny because at that point they 1:22 would always get super apologetic so 1:24 anyways the reason I tell you the story 1:25 is just because it brings back memories 1:27 of the first couple years of my business 1:29 when I hadn't made a million dollars yet 1:30 I hadn't made a million dollars after 1:32 tax I wasn't a millionaire and in that 1:34 time I did not drink for two reasons 1:36 first of all think about how much money 1:38 you have wasted how much money you have 1:40 spent on useless drinks at the bar shots 1:43 so not only from a financial perspective 1:45 and you know I told you earlier in this 1:46 video I think it is absolutely 1:48 ridiculous people are so dumb to think 1:50 oh you know how I'm gonna become a 1:51 millionaire I'm gonna save all my four 1:53 dollar coffee it's honestly some of the 1:55 stupidest I've ever heard and I 1:57 guarantee you any really really really 1:59 high level successful person will never 2:01 give you advice like that whereas for 2:02 alcohol I would say don't spend money on 2:05 it if you are trying to become the 2:07 person that you want to become because 2:08 listen that's four dollars compared to 2:09 forty dollars eighty dollars a hundred 2:11 hundred fifty dollars you know let's say 2:12 you're having a fun night you buy five 2:14 cocktails for yourself fifteen dollars a 2:16 pop great 75 let's say you cover it for 2:18 your friend you get a little drunk you 2:20 go get a little woozy and you're like 2:21 you know what I'll get this one great 2:22 you just wasted a hundred and fifty 2:24 dollars on alcohol and don't forget you 2:26 would have had to earn something closer 2:28 to depends on where you live 200 to 250 2:31 in order to actually make that money 2:32 because the rest goes to tax so not only 2:34 have you spent all of this money on 2:36 alcohol you have then woken up with less 2:39 capacity to think clearly and less 2:40 capacity to actually make money and make 2:43 your way to that millionaire status Now 2:44 ladies and gentlemen me at the stage 2:46 that I'm at I have a long track record 2:48 in business I have the most incredible 2:49 team between all my companies I have 2:51 over 150 employees so luckily if I want 2:54 to have a drink here and there it 2:55 doesn't really change my life and it 2:57 doesn't really affect things when you 2:58 get to a certain position in life that 3:00 doesn't mean that you should ever slow 3:01 down you still need to put your foot on 3:03 the gas but what it does mean is that 3:05 you can do things slightly differently 3:07 so if you are serious about becoming a 3:09 millionaire this year quit drinking the 3:12 best tip to become a millionaire is 3:14 learn a high income skill and this is 3:16 why I keep beating on about that example 3:18 of the four dollar coffee because listen 3:19 people who are hell-bent on the whole 3:21 saving thing for sure I respect it I 3:23 just personally believe that I don't 3:25 want to live a life of scarcity I don't 3:26 want to live a life where I don't have 3:28 faith in my abilities to make more money 3:30 I think if you're watching this video 3:31 you should understand the goal is to 3:33 make as much money as humanly possible 3:35 and by the way that doesn't mean you 3:37 need to be an entrepreneur that doesn't 3:38 mean you need to be a business owner if 3:39 you join the right organization not some 3:41 old Corporation some stale company 3:44 that's 50 years old and all they care 3:46 about is just doing things in a safe 3:48 predictable way I mean if you join a 3:50 real good company for example there's 3:52 people in my company who make hundreds 3:53 of thousands of dollars almost nearly a 3:55 million dollars a year because they 3:57 provide even far more value than that to 3:59 the company and the way that you do that 4:01 is by learning a high income skill so 4:03 whether that be sales whether that be 4:05 copywriting whether that be content 4:06 creation whether that be and it sounds 4:08 really funny but I can tell you as I 4:09 said having 150 plus employees and 4:11 there's one special a person that comes 4:12 to mind if you are a wizard at Google 4:15 Sheets and you can put together a very 4:16 good analytics tracking that is a high 4:19 income skill and that's something that 4:20 is very valuable to most companies so if 4:23 you're a little confused on which high 4:24 income skill is the best in this day and 4:26 age and which business model is the best 4:28 one to start this year well then I'm 4:30 going to leave a link in the description 4:31 to my most popular YouTube video I break 4:33 down the eight or nine best business 4:35 models and try to use an equation and 4:37 math to come to the conclusion of which 4:39 one makes the most sense for you to 4:41 start I use a formula and an equation to 4:43 get to the bottom of which business 4:45 model makes the most sense for you to 4:47 start this year so I'll go ahead and 4:48 leave that link in the description check 4:50 it out once you finish this video but I 4:51 feel like I made my point very clear 4:53 which is no matter what you do whether 4:54 you're an entrepreneur a solopreneur you 4:56 own multiple big businesses with lots of 4:58 employees like me or you work in a 5:01 company and you see a clear path to 5:02 making a lot more money and you want to 5:04 provide value to that company which is 5:05 why you are dedicated to learning High 5:07 income and high impact skills whatever 5:10 it is just understand that it is far 5:11 easier to get to millionaire status by 5:13 increasing your earning potential rather 5:15 than being scarcity-minded and just 5:16 thinking oh I'm Gonna Save my way over 5:18 the next 17 years I'm just gonna save my 5:20 way to a millionaire is that really an 5:22 inspiring life to you now the next way 5:24 to become a millionaire is have a 5:26 specific amount each week that you put 5:28 in a separate account to invest now it's 5:31 funny in my position I've seen so many 5:33 people make millions and millions and 5:35 millions of dollars tens of millions of 5:36 dollars in fact I even know people who 5:38 have made hundreds of millions of 5:40 dollars and still lost it all so it 5:41 doesn't matter if you can become a 5:42 millionaire if you can't even State a 5:44 millionaire and investing although it is 5:46 slightly tedious it is slightly boring 5:47 will help you get to that millionaire 5:49 Milestone even quicker and this is 5:51 something that I even apply to this day 5:53 my CFO takes a hundred grand in profits 5:55 in dividends moves that money to one of 5:57 my Banks siphons it off to a specific 5:59 account and in that account I 6:01 specifically have cash reserves tucked 6:03 away for Investments now listen of 6:05 course I have worked extremely hard over 6:06 the years to get to a point where I'm 6:08 putting away a hundred grand a week 6:09 minimum just for my investments but it 6:11 wasn't almost like that I start off with 6:13 five dollars a week I remember I was 16 6:14 years old when I first read Tony Robbins 6:16 money Master of the game and the second 6:18 I read it I created a separate bank 6:20 account this is like literally right as 6:21 my business was first starting so I had 6:23 my main account and then I had my 6:24 investment account and every week for my 6:26 main account I would just send five 6:27 pounds over to my investment account 6:29 because I knew that if I didn't get in 6:30 the habit of putting away five pounds a 6:32 week I would never get in the habit of 6:34 you know years and decades later you're 6:35 putting away hundreds of thousands of 6:37 dollars a week into Investments so it's 6:39 just about getting the Habit down listen 6:41 in the same way if you want to run a 6:42 marathon you're not going to lace up and 6:44 run 42 kilometers no you're gonna start 6:45 off late you're gonna start off easy and 6:47 eventually Your Capacity will grow in 6:49 the same way your capacity to run grows 6:51 so too does Your Capacity to earn income 6:53 and then go ahead and invest that now 6:55 the next money tip for you to become a 6:57 millionaire is to have coffee in 6:59 affluent places go and have a coffee in 7:02 an expensive hotel or a very fancy cafe 7:05 in a super nice area because listen your 7:07 Starbucks is gonna cost four dollars and 7:09 it's not gonna be very inspiring that's 7:10 for sure whereas you might go to a super 7:13 expensive hotel you know for example 7:15 here in Dubai where I'm based or in 7:17 London where I used to live there's all 7:19 of these nice hotels you don't need to 7:20 stay at the hotels you don't need to 7:22 spend two thousand dollars a night on a 7:23 room you simply go to the lobby and you 7:26 have a coffee and the coffee might cost 7:27 you eight dollars or ten dollars 7:28 compared to four dollars but you're 7:30 gonna see you're gonna look around 7:31 you're gonna see money around you you're 7:32 gonna see what do wealthy people really 7:34 wear not Gucci and Balenciaga and all 7:37 this and that I mean like really like 7:38 properly wealthy people you're gonna 7:40 start to realize they're really wealthy 7:41 people they wear stuff like this Laura 7:43 Piana zenya Brunello Tom Ford these sort 7:46 of Brands they want to blend in they 7:47 don't want big logos and this and they 7:49 don't want to scream so just simply 7:50 through osmosis you're gonna start to 7:52 get a feeling you're gonna start to get 7:54 an understanding for how do these people ........
Example output
Seven Personal Money Tips to Become a Millionaire If you're here reading this article, you're likely looking for ways to increase your financial status, and who wouldn't want to be a millionaire? Well, you've come to the right place because, in today's article, I'll be sharing seven practical money tips that you can use to help you achieve your financial goals. But before I get started, let me just say that these tips are based on my own experience running a successful business and making tens of millions of dollars. So, you can rest assured that these tips are not just theoretical concepts, but proven methods that have worked for me. Stop Drinking The first step to becoming a millionaire is to stop drinking. Yes, you read that right. Drinking alcohol can be a significant drain on your finances. Think about how much money you've spent on drinks at the bar or even at home. Shots, cocktails, beers, and wines can add up quickly, and it's not just the cost of the drink itself. If you cover a friend or buy a round, that's even more money wasted. Cutting down on drinking or stopping entirely can save you a lot of money. Plus, you'll feel better and be able to focus more on your goals. Invest in Yourself The second tip is to invest in yourself. This means taking courses, attending seminars, or hiring a coach to help you improve your skills or develop new ones. When you invest in yourself, you increase your value, and this can lead to higher paying jobs or better business opportunities. Start a Business Starting a business is a proven way to become a millionaire. Of course, it's not easy, and it takes a lot of hard work, but it can be incredibly rewarding. When you own a business, you're in control of your income, and there's no limit to how much money you can make. Save and Invest Wisely Saving and investing your money wisely is crucial to becoming a millionaire. This means living below your means and putting aside money for emergencies and investments. Investing in stocks, real estate, or other profitable ventures can help your money grow exponentially. Network Networking is another essential tool in building wealth. When you connect with people who have similar goals, you can learn from their experiences, get new ideas, and even find new business opportunities. Be Consistent Consistency is key to achieving any goal, and becoming a millionaire is no exception. Consistently working towards your goals, even when it's tough or challenging, will pay off in the long run. Stay Focused Finally, staying focused is critical. With so many distractions in today's world, it's easy to lose sight of your goals. But if you want to become a millionaire, you need to stay focused on your priorities and stay the course, even when it gets difficult. In conclusion, becoming a millionaire is not easy, but it's not impossible. By following these seven personal money tips, you can increase your chances of achieving your financial goals. So, stop drinking, invest in yourself, start a business, save and invest wisely, network, be consistent, and stay focused. With hard work and dedication, you can become a millionaire.


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