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The process when a logo designer first talks to a client after signing the contract is typically referred to as the "design brief" or "creative brief" stage. During this stage, the designer gathers information about the client's business, target audience, goals, preferences, and any specific requirements they have for the logo. This prompt walks you through the entire process and does not stop until you are satisfied. Whether you are seasoned pro or beginner this will save you time & money.

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Updated: 1 month ago

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Example input
[Company Info] SkinTec's™ breakthrough proprietary serum positions the company to be a game changer in the rapidly growing tattoo removal market. 30% of people in America have tattoos. It's estimated nearly 23% of that population experience tattoo regret. SkinTec's™ all-natural serum provides a much needed alternative to laser tattoo removal and addresses a massive void in the market. The industry is in need of an affordable, healthier solution with minimal discomfort for removing unwanted tattoos. ‍SkinTec™ is ideally positioned to capture a significant market share. SkinTec's™ proprietary proven serum combined with its unique procedure and commitment to customer satisfaction, offer a compelling opportunity to invest in a disruptive technology. Join SkinTec™ in bringing this game-changing solution to customers in Canada & around the world and be a part of a company positioned to transform the tattoo removal market. [Top 5 Questions] 1. Changing peoples lives through skin solutions, Freedom, Restore, Guilt-free, Renewal, Healthy, clean slate, body-canvas 2. - Tattoo regrets, no other options other than laser, painful, expensive, it doesn't always work and doesn't work on all colors, it trans- locate the ink into the skin, what is the ink made from? - Eco friendly, All natural. Difference between trans- locate and trans- eliminate. - 25% of people who have tattoos regret the decision. - women between 25-45 regret level 76% - 50% / 50% → Percentage of men and women, must reflect both 3. - Balance not "pretty" - Appeal to high end branding and aesthetics - 50/50 appeal percentage 4. Minimal and modern 5. Nike nailed it
Example output
Thank you for your detailed answers. Based on your responses, I have gathered some logo design ideas and a color palette for SkinTec™. Logo design ideas: 1. A stylized, abstract representation of a tattoo needle, with a natural element like a leaf or a drop of serum, to signify the all-natural aspect of the product. 2. A minimalist design featuring a clean, simple, and modern font for "SkinTec" with a small, subtle icon of a tattoo machine or a droplet of serum, representing the tattoo removal process. 3. A combination of geometric shapes, such as a circle or hexagon, to represent a tattoo being removed or fading away, with a natural element like a leaf incorporated into the design. Color Palette (Hex numbers): 1. Teal: #00B7A8 - This color conveys a feeling of cleanliness and renewal, and it's gender-neutral. Dark Grey: #3A3A3A - A versatile and modern color that works well with teal, creating a sense of balance and sophistication. 2. Light Grey: #DADADA - A lighter shade of grey to complement the dark grey, providing contrast and depth to the design. 3. Pale Green: #B4D6AA - This color evokes a sense of eco-friendliness and natural healing. 4. White: #FFFFFF - A classic and clean color that can be used for backgrounds or text. These ideas and colors should help you create a logo that appeals to both men and women, reflects a high-end brand aesthetic, and communicates the core values and emotions you want to convey, such as freedom, renewal, and a healthy, clean slate.
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