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Make Money With Ai Tools

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Unleash the power of AI 🚀 and supercharge your earnings 💸 right now! You’ll Receive: 🔹 3 bespoke strategies 🗂️, crafted for AI tools you're already familiar with 🔹 No-nonsense action plans 🎯, including skill boosts, timelines, and cost rundown 💼 🔹 Clear appraisal 🕵️‍♂️ of how your approach stacks up against the competition 🔹 How to cruise control your cash flow! 💸🚀 Don't let the future wait ⏳– ride the wave 🌊 of AI and start cashing in today!
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Updated: 10 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
147 ($0.00440 / call)
Example input
[Insert AI Tools You Use] = ChatGPT,, Midjourney [insert amount] = $10,000/month [include your existing job or skill] = Freelance Video Content Creator
Example output
**Strategy 1: Utilizing ChatGPT as a Script Writing Assistant** 1. Necessary Skills and Areas for Further Learning:* Basic understanding of AI language models, specifically ChatGPT, is needed. A foundation in scripting and storytelling is essential. Improving your knowledge in creative writing would be beneficial. 2. Estimated Timeframe: It might take one to two months to master this strategy, given the time to familiarize yourself with AI nuances and incorporating AI outputs into your workflow. 3. Cost of Set Up: OpenAI's pricing for GPT API as of my last update (September 2021) starts at $20 per month, subject to your specific usage. 4. Market Competitiveness: As of 2023, the market for AI-assisted scriptwriting is relatively fresh. While some creators have started using it, the adoption is not yet widespread, presenting an excellent opportunity to get ahead of the curve. 5. Passive Income: While this doesn't directly create a passive income stream, it can indirectly lead to one. The time saved on scriptwriting can be invested in creating more videos or exploring additional revenue streams, such as sponsored content, online courses, or Patreon. **Strategy 2: Leveraging Midjourney to Optimize Content Strategy** 1. Necessary Skills and Areas for Further Learning: A basic understanding of Midjourney and data analytics would be beneficial. You need to understand audience behaviors and how to adapt your content based on insights generated by Midjourney. 2. Estimated Timeframe: With a basic understanding of the tool, it would take about one month to fully integrate and begin optimizing based on the insights. 3. Cost of Set Up: Midjourney pricing varies based on usage. As of my last update (September 2021), you need to contact them for specific pricing details. 4. Market Competitiveness: With the rise of data-driven content creation, this is becoming more competitive. However, most creators do not fully utilize these tools, giving you a competitive edge. 5. Passive Income: Similar to ChatGPT, this strategy does not directly result in passive income. However, the increase in video views and ad revenue by optimizing content strategy can be seen as indirect passive income growth. **Strategy 3: Using DALL-E for Custom Thumbnail Creation** 1. Necessary Skills and Areas for Further Learning: Understanding of DALL-E and a basic knowledge of graphic design would be needed. You must be able to convert the DALL-E outputs into appealing thumbnails. 2. Estimated Timeframe: Depending on your familiarity with graphic design and DALL-E, it might take 1-2 months to effectively integrate this into your content creation process. 3. Cost of Set Up: As of my last update (September 2021), OpenAI has not publicly disclosed the specific pricing for DALL-E. You might need to contact them for details. 4. Market Competitiveness: Very few content creators are using AI for graphic design in 2023, thus, there's a significant opportunity to stand out with unique and eye-catching thumbnails generated by DALL-E. 5. Passive Income: Again, this strategy does not directly create a passive income stream. However, eye-catching thumbnails can increase views and therefore ad revenue, indirectly boosting your passive income. All these strategies aim to optimize your video content creation, audience engagement, and visibility. The more videos you can create with engaging content, the higher your potential ad revenue and viewer donations. Just remember that while AI can assist greatly, your creativity, insights, and relationship with your audience remain the key to successful content creation.


- Jul 24, 2023
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"Nice fun prompt! I enjoyed the options given very much! "
- Jul 23, 2023
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- Verified PurchaseTick icon
"This was a helpful prompt. I wish there was a couple of hints on how to get a bit more detail from ChatGPT, the response was more of an outline than a process or the meat of the options. "
Response from creator- Jul 24, 2023
"Thanks for the feedback Jamie Lynarias! Let me revisit this prompt and provide additional input so you can gain further  info on the process and meat of the options. I’ll notify you once this is done!  "
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