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Make Your Ideas Memorable

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Cutting through the noise and getting people's attention is a daily challenge for writers, marketers, and anyone selling anything online. Use this prompt to amplify your signal amidst the digital noise. This mega-prompt leverages four different ideation strategies to articulate your ideas and insights in ways that are more memorable. Enter any idea, point, or insight you need your audience to hear and remember and ChatGPT will deliver memorable, elegant ways to phrase and articulate them.
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1 year ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
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1,142 ($0.03430 / call)
Example input
Almost all the thoughts and ideas we have are downstream from what we consume. The person who creates better information flows gets better thoughts.
Example output
A/B Statements: 1. A: Cultivate Thoughtful Consumption B: Better information flows lead to higher-quality thoughts and ideas. 2. A: Upgrade Your Mental Diet B: Improve the quality of your thoughts by being selective with the information you consume. 3. A: Information Diet Matters B: Enhance your thought process by curating your information sources. 4. A: Mindful Information Intake B: Elevate your thinking by consciously choosing what you consume. 5. A: Thought Nutrition B: Your ideas are shaped by the information you consume - make it count. Mantras: 1. Informed consumption for inspired thoughts. 2. Quality in, quality out. 3. Be the curator of your thoughts. 4. Choose your mental fuel wisely. 5. Information shapes imagination. Left Brain / Right Brain: 1. Left: Conscious information consumption leads to enhanced thinking. Right: Feed your mind, nourish your thoughts. 2. Left: Selective information intake shapes better ideas. Right: Curate the garden of your mind. 3. Left: Refine your information sources for improved thought processes. Right: Craft your thoughts with intentional information. 4. Left: Upgrade your mental input for higher-quality output. Right: Create a beautiful mind through mindful consumption. 5. Left: Better information flows result in superior thinking. Right: Choose your mental ingredients with care. 7/17/37/70: 1. 7: Choose good brain food. 17: Curate your info diet to unlock better thoughts. 37: Improve your thoughts by managing your information sources. 70: Wisdom comes from the careful selection of what we consume. 2. 7: Feed your mind well. 17: Elevate your thinking by choosing what you consume. 37: Enhance your ideas by refining your information intake. 70: Quality thoughts stem from a cultivated information diet. 3. 7: Good info makes good thoughts. 17: Be the master of your mind's content. 37: The key to better ideas is mindful information consumption. 70: The seeds of wisdom are sown by carefully selecting what we consume. 4. 7: Choose smart brain snacks. 17: Fuel your imagination with curated information. 37: Upgrade your thought process by refining your information sources. 70: Profound thoughts emerge from the deliberate consumption of information. 5. 7: Pick the best info treats. 17: Craft a powerful mind through intentional information consumption. 37: Develop stronger ideas by focusing on better information flows. 70: The path to insightful thoughts lies in selecting the information we consume.
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