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Updated: 9 months ago

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Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
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Example input
AI Prompting and Day Trading industry, and my goal is to create a SaaS company and be as profitable in the forex market as I can.
Example output
** Based on your request, here are some relevant conferences and events in 2023 where you may be able to connect with potential leads: 1) AI in Finance Summit (April 20-21, New York): Topics include the future of AI in finance, fraud detection, customer-centric finance, AI regulations, and implementing AI in business. Key attendees include Suresh Ande (director of global markets and risk analytics at Bank of America Merrill Lynch), John Chan (director of technology, AI/ML at Raymond James), and Ercan Ucak (vice president at Cerberus Capital Management)​1​. 2) Data Science Salon (June 7-8, New York and virtual event): This event has two tracks - one for applying AI and ML to finance and technology and another for AI in media and advertising. Speakers include Bob Bress (vice president of data science at Freewheel) and Ruixin Zheng (lead marketing analytics at DirecTV)​2​. 3) The AI Summit London 2023 (June 14-15, London): Topics include ChatGPT's realistic impact on business, response to the EU's AI laws, and a breakdown of the industries reaping the benefits of AI. Key attendees include Lisa Allen (director of data and services at the Open Data Institute) and Massimo Belloni (data science manager at Bumble)​3​. 4) Deep Learning World (June 18-22, Las Vegas): This conference will cover deep learning in practice, predictive analytics, and maturing AI governance to accommodate generative AI. Speakers include Sami Ghoche (co-founder and CTO of Forethought) and Vanja Josifovski (CEO and co-founder of Kumo)​4​. 5) Data + AI Summit 2023 (June 26-29, San Francisco and virtual event): The summit will cover data analytics, business intelligence and visualization; data engineering; data lakes, data warehouses and data lake houses; data science, machine learning and MLOps; and data security​5​. ** I attempted to find online groups where you could connect with potential leads, but I encountered some difficulties with the tool. I recommend checking platforms like LinkedIn, Meetup, or professional forums related to AI and day trading, where you can find groups that discuss these topics. ** ** Please note that these events attract a wide variety of professionals in the field, making them excellent networking opportunities. It would be a good idea to reach out to these professionals and companies, either directly or through networking at these events, to discuss potential partnerships or collaborations. ** KEYBOX * The Numbers next to the end of the sentence for each option represent the links to connect to the online source. *
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