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Redbubble Complete Selling Generator

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This prompt will give everything you need to sell on RedBubble The only input needed is a brief description of what the design is and the AI takes care of everything else This prompt generates: 5 example titles + a recommended title 30 tags which should be highly applicable to each design description 100-word description of the design, using SEO to make your design more visible in google Suggested background colour and a HEX code Predicted best-performing products A copyright risk indicator
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8 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-3.5 (gpt-3.5-turbo)
Token size
651 ($0.0013 / call)
Example input
Digital drawing of cute pancakes with syrup on them
Example output
Titles: Syrupy Sweet Pancakes Cute Pancakes with Syrup Delicious Pancakes with Tasty Syrup Yummy Pancakes Drenched in Syrup Fluffy Pancakes with Delicious Syrup Recommended Title: Cute Pancakes with Syrup Tags: Pancakes, Syrup, Breakfast, Food, Dessert, Cute, Cartoon, Kawaii, Delicious, Yummy, Fluffy, Sweet, Tasty, Brunch, Stack, Maple, Buttery, Homemade, Delicious Breakfast Description: These cute pancakes with syrup are the perfect addition to your breakfast, brunch or dessert collection. The fluffy pancakes are drenched in tasty syrup, making them irresistible. The cute cartoon design adds a touch of kawaii to your kitchen decor. These pancakes will make your mouth water and your heart sing with happiness. Add this design to your collection today! Possible Best Background Colour: Light Pink (#F9D6D9) Predicted Best Performing Products: Stickers, Magnets, Greeting Cards, Posters, Tote Bags Recommended Default Product: Sticker Media: Design & Illustration, Digital Art Copyright Risk Level = Low


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