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SEO Optimization For Etsy Listings

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This prompt will create a keyword rich SEO optimized: - Title - Description - Features - Benefits - Keywords - Image Alt Tags - Categories & Sub-categories
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9 months ago

Prompt Details

Completion - GPT-3.5 (text-davinci-003)
Token size
274 ($0.0055 / call)
Example input
[Product Name]: Chair [Product Details]: Metal, Comfy, Adjustable Height, Rust-Proof [Main Target Keyword]: Outdoor Chair
Example output
Title: Comfy Adjustable Height Outdoor Chair - Perfect for Patio, Garden, and More Product Description: ⭐ Get ready to enjoy your outdoor space with this amazing Comfy Adjustable Height Outdoor Chair! This stylish chair is perfect for any outdoor space, such as a patio, garden, or backyard. The frame is made from strong and durable metal, ensuring a secure and stable structure that can last for years. The adjustable height feature allows you to customize the chair to your desired height, making it comfortable to sit in. The chair also has an ergonomic design that provides extra comfort and support while you sit. Let this beautiful chair enhance your outdoor area and create a cozy atmosphere that you and your family can enjoy! 🏡 Features: - Made from strong and durable metal - Adjustable height feature - Ergonomic design for extra comfort - Perfect for any outdoor space - Stylish and modern design - Rust-Proof Coating Benefits: - Create a cozy atmosphere in your outdoor space - Durable structure and strong frame for years of use - Adjustable height allows for a more comfortable sitting experience - Ergonomic design for ultimate support - Enhance your outdoor area with a stylish and modern design 13 Long-tail Keywords/Tags: - Outdoor Chair - Adjustable Height Outdoor Chair - Comfy Outdoor Chair - Metal Outdoor Chair - Patio Chair - Garden Chair - Backyard Chair - Adjustable Height Chair - Comfortable Chair - Ergonomic Outdoor Chair - Patio Furniture - Garden Furniture - Backyard Furniture 10 Image Alt Keywords: - Comfy Outdoor Chair - Adjustable Height Chair - Metal Frame Outdoor Chair - Stylish Patio Chair - Modern Garden Chair - Ergonomic Backyard Chair - Cozy Outdoor Furniture - Adjustable Height Furniture - Durable Patio Furniture - Comfortable Garden Furniture Categories and Sub-Categories: - Home & Living - Furniture - Outdoor Furniture


- Jun 29, 2023
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- Mar 14, 2023
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