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🚀 Dive into "ChatGPT Simulations Game" – A World Where Every Choice Shapes Your Reality! 🚀 Have you ever wanted to play a simulation game with endless possibilities? One where there's a fixed framework to guide you on the executive board, yet you have control over everything else? With this text-based sim game powered by ChatGPT, you get just that. You can take on the role of an aspiring fund manager, a medieval kingdom ruler, or even add a simulation scenario for the perfect sim-game.💥

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1 week ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
350 ($0.0105 / call)
Example input
1. Stock Market Tycoon
Example output
📈 Stock Market Tycoon Date: January 2nd, 2023 Location: Wall Street, New York City You're a fund manager at the prestigious brokerage firm, Bull & Bear Capital. Having just been promoted to this position, the pressure is on. Your initial fund capital stands at a cool $10 million, and you've got a diverse range of clients with varying risk tolerances. Your desk is covered with reports, news, and a couple of invitations to financial events. Your assistant, Jamie, walks in. "Good morning! Here's your coffee. You've got a couple of choices to start your day. There's a high-profile tech IPO coming up – NexTech Solutions. We've got a chance to buy in early. Your old friend, Alex, suggests investing in the pharmaceutical sector as there's buzz around a major breakthrough. And lastly, there's a seminar on emerging markets next week. Some say it's the next big thing." Choices: Invest $2 million in NexTech Solutions IPO. Dive into the pharmaceutical sector, putting $2 million into PharmaGen Corp based on Alex's tip. Allocate $1 million to explore opportunities in emerging markets, attending the seminar next week. Play it safe and keep the fund diversified, without making any big moves yet. What's your move? 📊📉📈
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