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Text RPG For Any World

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Turns GPT into a text game, enter the world you want to play in. It will create rules, character creation, items, NPCs, quests and encounters from the world. Works for anything from Dune to Pokemon. Fine tune the prompt or as you go for a better experience.
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1 year ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-3.5 (gpt-3.5-turbo)
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285 ($0.00060 / call)
Example input
Example output
Excellent choice! We shall embark on an adventure in the expansive and treacherous world of Dune. In this desert planet of Arrakis, political intrigue, fierce battles, and a valuable resource known as spice await us. Prepare yourself to navigate the intricate web of alliances, survive in the harsh desert environment, and uncover the secrets of this captivating world. Now, let's begin with character creation. Please choose a race for your character. Here are five contextually relevant options for races in the world of Dune: Fremen: Native to Arrakis, the Fremen are hardened desert dwellers known for their resilience and exceptional survival skills. They possess a deep connection to the desert and its harsh conditions. Atreides: Members of the noble House Atreides, they are well-educated and possess strong leadership qualities. Known for their loyalty and strategic prowess, they are respected and revered in the world of politics. Harkonnen: Descendants of the ruthless House Harkonnen, they are known for their cunning and ruthlessness. With a focus on power and control, they are feared by many but also possess advanced technological knowledge. Bene Gesserit: An ancient order of women with powerful psychic abilities, the Bene Gesserit manipulate politics and control bloodlines for their mysterious agenda. They possess incredible mental discipline and have honed their skills for generations. Tleilaxu: An enigmatic race of genetic manipulators, the Tleilaxu excel in creating biologically engineered creatures and specialized tools. They are shrouded in secrecy and maintain a distinct culture and religious belief system. Please choose the race that resonates with you, or let me know if you'd like more information about any of them before making a decision.
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