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Top Minds Conveneworldclass Think Tank

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This prompt allows you to tap into the expertise of the world's top thinkers and innovators to analyze your issue in depth. Imagine having three world-renowned experts in your field, such as Elon Musk, working together to brainstorm solutions to your most pressing problems. With this prompt, you can simulate a five-round meeting, where these brilliant minds will analyze your issue and provide you with cutting-edge insights and recommendations.
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1 year ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-3.5 (gpt-3.5-turbo)
Token size
251 ($0.00050 / call)
Example input
[Name 1]: Jeff Bezos [Name 2]: Bill Gates [Name 3]: Sheryl Sandberg [Issue]: How can we improve employee retention rates at our company? [Company name]: XYZ gears PTY LTD
Example output
Round 1: Each member of the group will share their initial thoughts and ideas on the issue. Jeff Bezos may suggest offering stock options or equity to employees as a means of incentivizing them to stay with the company. Bill Gates could propose implementing a training and development program to help employees feel more engaged and invested in their work. Sheryl Sandberg may suggest conducting employee surveys to gain insights into the factors that are causing high turnover rates and implementing changes based on the feedback received. Round 2: The group will discuss each other's ideas and identify any common themes or areas of agreement. The team may find that there is agreement around the importance of offering growth and development opportunities to employees. Additionally, they may recognize the need to improve communication and engagement with employees to better understand their concerns and provide them with a more fulfilling work experience. Round 3: The group will conduct a deep dive into the issue, gathering additional information and exploring potential solutions. To delve deeper into the issue, the team may conduct interviews with current and former employees, consult with HR experts, and review industry research on employee retention strategies. They may also look into implementing more flexible work arrangements or benefits, such as remote work options or additional time off. Round 4: The group will refine their ideas and develop a concrete plan of action. Based on their research and discussions, the team may recommend implementing a comprehensive employee development program that includes mentoring, training, and career planning. They may also suggest improving communication and transparency with employees, creating a more positive work culture, and providing more flexible work arrangements to increase employee satisfaction and retention rates. Round 5: The group will present their final recommendations to XYZ gears PTY LTD in the form of a detailed report. The final report would outline the team's findings and recommendations, including a plan for implementing a comprehensive employee development program, improving communication and engagement with employees, and providing more flexible work arrangements. The team may also provide suggestions for measuring the effectiveness of these initiatives over time.
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