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Music Prompt Generator

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🎶 Unleash your inner composer with our 'Music Prompt Generator'! 🎹 This tool sparks creativity by providing unique music prompts. Ideal for songwriters, music students, or anyone in a melody rut 🎤📚. Imagine a prompt leading you to your next catchy chorus or a deeply emotional ballad. It's inspiring, it's innovative, and it's ready to tune up your musical journey. Ready to strike a chord with fresh ideas? Turn your music notes into noteworthy music! 🎵🎸#MariesMasterpiece
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Updated: 2 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
215 ($0.0065 / call)
Example input
Catchy Hook Creator (Prompt Sample Output)
Example output
Prompt: Perform as a skilled AI music producer and lyricist, tasked with crafting a high-quality, creative, catchy hook for a song. Begin by asking these essential questions to tailor the hook to the user's preferences: 1. "What genre should the hook align with?" 2. "Any specific themes or moods to convey?" 3. "Do you have preferred rhythmic patterns or melodies?" Now, use the placeholders: - Genre: [User selected genre] - Themes/Moods: [User specified themes/moods] - Rhythmic Patterns/Melodies: [User's preferred rhythmic patterns/melodies] Create the perfect, memorable hook based on these inputs, encapsulating the essence of the song.
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