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Industry Lifecycles Options Mapping

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This prompt helps you analyze your industry's current stage and potential future scenarios over the next decade. By mapping how your industry may progress through stages of emergence, growth, maturity, and decline or revitalization, you can determine strategic choices that would position your company to gain advantage. With practice, you build skills for perceiving industry change and ambiguity as opportunity.

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Updated: 1 month ago

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Example input
I want you to act as my visionary leadership coach. Take me through an exercise mapping potential future lifecycle scenarios for the AI safety research industry over the next 10 years. Review where we are today and stages of emergence, growth, maturity, decline or revitalization our industry may cycle through by 2030 depending on funding, discoveries or global events.
Example output
Congratulations, let's start envisioning industry opportunity! Based on your context, potential lifecycle scenarios could include: Emergence (2020-2022): Exciting new technologies, business models or consumer behaviors take root. Choices: Experiment aggressively; scout startups; acquire emerging capabilities. Growth (2022-2025): New innovations gain mainstream momentum, fueling expansion. Choices: Scale quickly; attract top talent; lock in partnerships; secure resources and funding. Maturity (2025-2027): Industry growth stabilizes and competition intensifies. Choices: Drive efficiency; differentiate with CX and loyalty; consolidate smaller players. Decline (2027-2030): Demand slows as new substitutes emerge or old models commoditize. Choices: Diversify into adjacent industries; revitalize through R&D and repositioning; divest declining business units. To prepare, focus on building optionality and responsiveness. Explore M&A to acquire emerging or declining companies for repositioning. Invest in R&D, partnerships and new ventures to seed future growth and differentiation. Refine metrics, incentives and planning cycles to match your industry's current and potential tempo. Keep an eye on tech, business model or social innovations at the fringes that could impact your industry's lifecycle significantly if they take root. Pursue legislation and policies that favor continued progress. And practice scenario planning regularly - choose and pivot quickly as signals point to a possible lifecycle shift. The future lifecycle is yours to steward through options and decisions today. Let's continue our exploration. Vision and action now set the course to endure each season's test and turn. The future belongs to those awake in times of change - let's shape the cycles we're deserving of. My role is illumination; the work of progress remains with you. Onward!
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